As a teacher of Greek and Latin in a large English Public School, Ximenes must have written thousands of end-of-term reports.  In this DLM puzzle he parodies the school-masterly comment without remorse. If I am breaking copyright I am ready to remove this puzzle promptly.  It is published not for financial reward, but as a tribute to a real genius.

Terminal Reports by Ximenes

Each 'Report' contains both clues (one word or more, consecutively) to two required words and hidden mixtures  of their letters.  Both indications of the first word precede both indications of the second;  with respect to any one word, either the clue or the mixture may come first, and they do not overlap.


1, 6.    Has been a monkey; one seldom sees him take real pains;  has to be sat on most of the term (7,5)
10, 11. Rather a rough boy - not a bad hand at Art.  Must not go unclothed; it causes explosions (10,9)
13, 15. Has been a most useful member of society: has done capital work in C block; never in hot water (5,6)
16, 18. An enigma; can only be got at through a variegated layer of shyness and rudeness. Must show respect to his seniors in the house  (6,3)
19, 20. Wilting; is not really forceful. One must be sure new monitors aren't 'flappers', down under stress (8,8)
23, 25. A born leader of men - excellent! Useful at cricket: his bowling run-up should be shortened (3,6)
27, 28. Worthier of trust, though seen stealing once. Vigorous at games: impenetrably stupid (6,5)
29, 31. Has the look of a bit of a shrimp, but tries incredibly hard at Latin, once roused. One of the marbles team (9,10)
32, 33. If he is treated well, gets uppish and pompous, a tendency to be checked if he becomes a parson (5,7)


1, 2.     Queenie looks pasty because of her exam, magnifying difficulties.  When she takes it in May, Queenie must show more aplomb (5,10)
3, 4.     Matron:- Carol is a little beast, dishonest, a habitual liar - my solitary grounds for complaint (6,8)
5, 6.     Sci:- Carol ought not to drink from a test tube. In short, Carol is often tiresome (3,6)
7, 8.     Dorothy, one knows, is sweet: can she curb her inclination to suppose her betters at games cheat ? (5,9)
9, 12.   When Agatha's former companionship stops we may discern a notable improvement. Sea bathing:- Good (7,10)
14, 17. Margaret is our choral ex-secretary. Musical work:- In a prefect crooning is undignified (9,8)
18, 21. Mary has given signs of getting a grasp of Art at times: she is knocking on the door of success (7,6)
22, 24. Results no longer what we expect: if Ursula is serious, she can land some very big fish ! (6,5)
26, 30. If Penny elected to work in the French school, her fine start would not be wasted (5,3)