Technical Title by Grypt


Complete the perimeter, a collection of stories and its author running clockwise from some square to be determined. Highlight two words (of 9 and 5 letters) in the completed grid, cryptically indicating the title of a well-known work by the same author. Write the actual title of that work below the grid. Unchecked cells in the perimeter could spell MAIN STORY OF HIS TOLD. Answers to clues may all be found in Chambers, 11th Edition, or ODE, 2010.
9 East African medic's degree excluded from total (4)
11 Over public address millions power electronic device (5)
12 Super woven cover for pine dishwashers (9)
13 One appears in sci-fi film (first cut) for extended periods in bed (6)
14 Garden once retreat of headless snake you are told (6)
15 Minutes Isaac takes to undress (4)
17 Insensitive parent should admit errors initially (4)
20 Turnover? Knock off French tart recipe offering more sauce (7)
21 Lots of stars miss kiss having taken a year out (6)
23 Bird's a carrier of some parasitic fungus (6)
24 Mineral oil broken down by plant (7)
26 Wrestler's move leaves mum in bits (4)
30 Time to put arms around ruffian (4)
33 Lay hands on short amateur evangelist (6)
34 No sprint finish without starter getting the money out (6)
35 Trained lion heard of today? Not often (9)
36 Feature of Australia's three Unionists accommodating both Left and Right (5)
37 Disease seen in plant on being extricated from carpet (4)
1 Little liar due to be reappraised of hearing (6)
2 Having turned up outcast to drive back(5)
3 100 parts one must make without delay (6, two words)
4 Characters on board trace every street cleaner (13, two words)
5 Elders perhaps gathering at international negotiations (8)
6 Nymph's time just after midnight? (5)
7 Missile climbing towards builder (5)
8 Raising section of diesel up magically sealed containers (7)
10 This month isn't affected by sun going down (4)
16 Partner we Scots may protect by proxy (4)
18 Departs to make replacement cap for blue lamp (4)
19 One advocating the pre-eminence of forces majeures at first antsy, I'd suspect (8)
22 Even in jail we are to lay with a watchful eye (7)
25 Kick around strange bottomless basket (6)
27 Historical clash wounded the French (6)
28 Butter-tree from Somerset (not its centre or its north) climbed (5)
29 Notice to stop riding around a city in Italy (5)
31 Woman's daughter is more than a cow (4)
32 Butterfly's charm not echoed before Ali floated (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,indicating the highlighted words and the perimeter, to before the 8th March 2012. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  Chambers Slang Dictionary  which has been donated by Chambers.