The Unusual Suspects by Phylax

One word should be extracted from each of ten solutions to leave another word (the lengths of the original answers are given). One of each pair is to be entered in the grid, while the omitted words when taken together suggest the title of a detective novel. In the completed grid six names can be found running across or down from the shaded squares; taking both the storyline of the novel and the title of the puzzle into account, solvers must highlight 26 cells appropriately.


    1  Passage of soul music essentially in key (7)

    6  Chopper a big one of its kind, women conceded (6)

  11  Caught doctor gripping a Scotsman's throat (5)

  13  Judge correctly putting daughter away for a month (4)

  14  Cracking on with a rude poem (7)

  15  Trap one in California jail (9)

  16  Got into shape to prevent grasping scoundrel returning (8)

  19  Article covering trial repulsed legal profession (7, two words)

  20  Reveal lecturer's left college (4)

  22  Suppose erotic activity is curtailed by cricketer’s protector (5)

  24  Attractive young woman losing head after introduction to mobster? (4)

  26  Heard criminal admitting ultimate in violent hostility (6)

  27  End session with a backing group accorded godlike status (5)

  28  Regular letters from Essex girl developing extensive vocabulary (5)

  29  Assign another period to class taking English degree (6)

  30  Very like elephant's backside? (4)

  31  Dishonestly inflates value of gold surrendered in contrived assault (5)

  33  Leading sherpa's middle secured by use of rope (10)

  36  Glaswegian silent initially about his abundant swellings (7)

  37  US eradicating a minute plant growing in open country (5)

  38  Untraceable van carrying loot from Bulgaria (4)

  39  Appropriate time to wake Queen (7)

  42  Spending limits imposed upon May? (4)

  43  Merkel's content to shift extra capital from Swiss bank (5)

  44  Agricultural implements not about in olden times (6)

  45  State of one with will to stretch accepted bounds of criminality (7)


    1  Fight leads to strongly contested criminal charge (5)

    2  Send back money together with accompanying note (6)

    3  Speeches in play offering hint of stabbing on March 15th (5)

    4  Unwrapped oils rising French artist's framed, collected, packed and stored (7)

    5  Pavlov's dogs (say) or cat involved in research (8)

    7  Labour seem largely happy with Britain's exit, showing signs of glorification (8)

    8  Smoke coming from the mouth - first sign of curry-related upset? (5)

    9  Long to include one burst of embryonic disc (10)

  10  Favours someone like me turning up with very large piercing (8)

  12  Mother's tense, clutching back of seat in cars we can't control ourselves (11)

  13  One in tie is put out by hot office (4)

  17  Animal cruelty: rare bats wanting a bit of relief (10)

  18  Best to understand about protective headgear (6)

  21  Yard shunning fresh tip from informant - it could be a hot one! (6)

  22  Flares cover broken legs (8)

  23  Nicked after lifting apparatus that helps cardiac dilation (8)

  25  Fancy no soldier is shy of a little indecent language (8, two words)

  32  Daring to hang around laundering money in the US (13)

  33  Ignoring pressure to betray drug mule? (4)

  34  Suspect utters no end of nonsense in custody (5)

  35  Pointed weapon (not over-wide) will pierce skin of honey badger (5)

  40  Takes another shot at female antelope in reserve (6)

  41  Quick about crowding round opening in train carriage (7)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, clearly indicating the highlighted names, to before 8th September 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.