Structural Problem by Samuel

In sixteen clues, the wordplay leads to the answer and an additional letter not to be entered into the grid; in clue order, these spell the names of three people who have experienced a STRUCTURAL PROBLEM. Solvers must deduce a fourth name (4,5) which as well as being an object of desire, might also describe what is removed from four symmetrically placed down answers on entry. Six further answers are clued without definition, and are entered in keeping with the theme; a further representation of the theme must be highlighted (a total of four cells). Numbers in brackets refer to entry lengths. Chambers Dictionary (2011) is recommended. The entry at 37ac is a variant spelling found in the Oxford Dictionary of English.

1 Throw unknown priest charitable donations - they’re a sign of greed (10, two words)
10 Religious wife abandons whimsical novel (7)
12 State sloth’s making a comeback across the Isle of Wight (4)
14 Hide Scottish gold fever (6)
15 Gypsy fairy’s somebody who frolics (6)
16 Written decree that is about horse (5)
17 Confused with most of lore, religious leader might be immoral (4)
19 Indian’s building British capital (6)
22 Ring and talk about meteorological unit (4)
25 Autonomous region help attack (4)
26 Warn Tyson to box crafty (4)
28 Be upset - boys unstopped sinks (4)
29 Research then burn piece of dead tissue (6)
30 Parasite hippy finally overwhelmed by drug-induced hallucination (4)
32 Keel over one ultimately shy of the weather (5)
35 Fool Shakespearean character – that’s cheese (6)
37 Burn hag thrown in tower (6)
38 Calm payees about dropping peso (4)
39 Tie up with bit of tape – with this loving, it could be autoerotism (7)
40 Stars from north knocked changes (10)

2 Stone me first (5)
3 Terrible calm envelops institute – involuntary response to do with place’s condition (8)
4  Insult for catholic king buried in accident (4)
5 Murmur about base encircled by railway (6)
6 Expert rifle brigade regret losing leader’s sharpness (8)
7 Military Intelligence start to get upset after end of Star Trek (7)
8 Refuse to get women for Nigerian leader (4)
9 Search for stars to add up around new planets (10)
11 Safety measures needed when feeling 39 chaps? (3)
13 Nuns insist on hosting city exiles on the outside (10)
18 Girl ran about carrying a boot (8)
20 I rave and throb – the result when he plays with this? (8)
21 Judge topless doctor giving lectures in America (3)
23 Sense of humour cows idol going outside (3)
24 He’d messed with rare sticker (7)
27 Elderly climb after drunk Scots (6)
31 Dupe heartless guy (5)
33 Grade final piece of work (4)
34 Cosy up with Jean for festivities (3)
36 Japanese container ships finally leaving evil men from the south (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, with an explanation of the highlighted cells, to before the 8th May 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.