Star Turns by Wan

The entries to twelve clues are different to their answers in three different ways (numbers in brackets giving entry lengths). Solvers must highlight 14 cells which could provide an alternative title.

    1    In short, I and Pluto directed, each having fired a director (4)
    5    Thief once returned cycle in taxi - on the contrary (7)
    10    Pencil found broken outside entertainment centre (8)
    12    Get money from the best person in Perth (6)
    13    Start exercising and trouble growth on horse’s leg (4)
    14    Parcel out of loft in Bristol appearing unopened (5)
    15    Moth in Michigan eaten by an eagle (6)
    17    Establishments beneficial to old couples (8)
    18    Show about Bush for example getting attention (6)
    24    Frenchman’s outside claiming number of titles won by Americans (6)
    26    Opening on board ship right by the stern part welcoming men (8)
    28    In Turkey a letterhead reads 'Part of Ottoman Empire' (6)
    30    Area in a temple or church quite set back (5)
    31    A rough indication of the rise and fall in pitch from one umpire (4)
    32    Toolbag with a hammer missing its head (6)
    33    Inspired to cook in Glasgow by girl out of academy (8)
    34    Aim to catch northern creep (7)
    35    Doctor assigned to class (4)
    1    An important tribal conference during a severe uprising (6)
    2    Leaving Spain, climb the West face of Pyrenean mountain-top (5)
    3    Team in one half of field called for players to come back (7)
    4    League tense around Easter changing transfer system (4)
    5    Deduced international airport’s busy but wasting time (7, 2 words)
    6    Fish, caught coming to the surface for this perhaps (4)
    7    Gives back tools last of all incomplete (with 11 missing) (6)
    8    Genius using most of an array of colours to obscure bike's marks (8)
    9    Charm steel drummer's heart after playing (6)
    11    Entrust son to divide power (6)
    16    Submerged living things each holding a fin up desperately (8)
    19    Early start to prepare broadcast for conference (6)
    20    Cut informer up with end of sabre (7)
    21    Divine one can go flying around on ascending (7)
    22    Either of two compounds turning up endlessly still (6)
    23    Animals’ patch absent on foot of male (6)
    25    Property where free party's drinking Burgundy perhaps (6)
    27    Poet’s mixed bits of egg noodle in sandwich filling (5
    29   Flat cap on Edward's head (4)
    30   Public register a day dons react badly with students' leader (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format indicating the highlighted cells,  to before the 8th September 2015.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.