Solitaire by Oyler

All of the entries in each column V to Z are two digit numbers.  The first digit is in the range 1 to 4 and is used to represent the suits clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades respectively.  The second digit in the range 1 to 5 denotes the denomination of the card ace to 5.  Once the grid has been filled solvers must remove the four aces and place them in column U so that they are in the correct row C, D, H and S.  That leaves four spaces.  The object is to obtain the cards in correct numerical order for each suit starting with ace and building up.  A card may be moved into a space provided that the card to the left of the space has the same suit as that being moved and its denomination is one less.  Solvers need only submit the number of moves required in order to solve the solitaire.

·    Triangular numbers are in HW, HY and SY.
·    Prime numbers are in CV, CY, DV, DY, HV, and HX.
·    Palindromes are in CX, DX, DY and SZ.
·    Odd digital product are in CV, CX, DY, HV, HW and HZ.
·    Fibonacci numbers are in DW, HV and SY.
·    Multiples of 4 are in DX, DZ, SW, SX.
·    Column totals V = 99, W = 106, X = 124, Y = 120 and Z = 111.

To enter this competition please send your solution, only the number of moves, to before the 8th August 2014. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of Armchair Crosswords by Afrit which has been donated by the Crossword Centre