Side to Side by Nod

Each clue contains an extra word. The first letters of these words when the clues are arranged in alphabetical order of their answers spells out an instruction for solvers to follow in order to obtain the final grid.  All grid entries are real words.  The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.

1    Folk regularly snap iron spades without reducing the chance of disease when doing it (7, two words)
7    Straightforward delivery increasing good end by a factor of ten (4)
10    Modern artist from this place cuts out hollow hearts to reveal Will's upper hand (8)
12    Disqualified one grabs desperate fellow (5)
13    Partners holding every one down gullies (6)
14    Old pal runs after informally blunt official (4)
15    Adorable Dan seen dressed to the nines (7)
16    Ford, perhaps, on headland reveals intricate bracelets (5)
19    Dent in the corner that is found after half discovered remains? (5)
21    The clans encountered vandalized strut in Edinburgh (8)
23    Craving apparent for Hindu God in catch (8)
26    Go off outside and explain why squares became squats (5)
28    Prime directive is to lie around too much (5)
29    Evil spirits end in expert theologian's society (7)
31    Old faithful running water between enemy lines (4)
33    Passerine birds abandon adults without issue they’re often to be seen at Lakeside venue? (6)
34    Almost sick in Shakespeare's hit resembling a random shower (5)
35    Mathematical diagram found in peculiar directions shown by two and four? (8)
36    Topless tennis club where two faces meet (4)
37    Unchanged ninja protecting falcon with self-discipline (7)
1    Hispanic slave to be in Salamanca before first of February (4)
2    Clear description of Great Western luxury penthouse? (6)
3    Bound freeman escapes buffalo (7)
4    Whale scientists transform to supply fish (5)
5    Areas of medicine repeatedly precipitate unfinished key deals (8)
6    Old lovers spend money making shopping lists (5)
7    Christian who could be extremely able? (4)
8    Most like shot tiger, ends in ditch (8)
9    Hanging cloths over piece of cake stuffed with Guérande salt (7)
11    Thunder clipped nudist in front of hot watery matter in Loch Ness (5)
17    Play about Catherine, perhaps, then Lord Chancellor became available (8)
18    Eliminates howlers concealing an honour (8)
20    Ancient mariner's baggage found when Eurosceptic welcomes Dutch rebels (7)
22    Nearly eat smelly stuff yielding strong base (7)
24    Quiet songs entertain type of contest (5)
25    Handles in greasy parts set in ship (6)
27    Draw queen inspecting woman's high head covering (5)
28    Pink accommodates different one for vacant apartment (5)
30    Native American chief ineptly loses his story again (4)
32    Adjustment making belt accessory best for sweetheart (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, to before 8th March 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.