The reason for this tribute is spelled out in the outer perimeter, reading clockwise from the top left-hand corner. Clues, numbered in alphabetical order of their solutions, are of four types: their answers are to be entered in jigsaw fashion, wherever they will fit.
1 Normal Cryptic: The twenty-four seven-letter words running from the outer to the inner perimeter are clued by the letter which appears on the inner perimeter (so that half are identified by their initial letters, and half by their final letters). The unused letters of the alphabet are Y and Z.
2 Printer's Devilry: Each clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties perhaps with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. Example: "When Custos outdoes Hereward the Waiter with a good clue? (4)". Answer: SEAT - "When Custos eats out, does he reward the waiter with a good clue?" Each passage, when complete, makes sense.
3 Definition & Letter Mixture: Each clue (to a suitable gift?) contains a definition (one word or more) and a mixture of the letters of the required answer, beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue.
4 Misprints: Each clue contains a misprint of one letter, always in the definition part. Every answer is spelled correctly.


A Old general provides a puzzle that holds our attention, so to speak
B Common TV company's rising speculation about cup-bearer (3,4)
C "Just reward for creditable puzzles", heard from Europeans
D Do the anagrams? Is accepted and raised
E I'm on hand to pay my respects
F Delegate on top of house's given censure
GTime to be included in publicity, putting feather in cap?
H This crusader embarks upon short holiday, sadly awry (4,3)
I Airs excited priest from T?
J A King's paintings brought in by - yes - German capital city
K Retiring old solver makes fantastic facial cover (3-4)
L Rises creditably to be filled with elation
M Rigging got from the back of a cart by Royal Marine (4-3)
N Hebridean, maybe, is an old lover
O Left out "hand" (slang) in Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
P One in search of Prize Crossword ultimately, in fix, finding a right one
Q Aberdonian lass drinking in something In her tonic?
R People who need exceptional puzzles only initially invested in The Thunderer (3,4)
S Black and white cross?
T Capital manservant brought back in (3,4)
U Scrub old clue? We turn one Inside-out
V Oriental raving madly about accompaniment for salt?
W Painter, Western, one not drinking the local water?
XLooking inside? (1-6)
3 In the chapter-house, one deters about his clues (5)
6 One solver got wed - left his crossword unfinished (5)
9 His golf-ball keeps stopping? No! Everyone calls him lucky (3-5)
24 Some of his fans in Indian American Dictionary (6)
25 One cashes, solved, all of his puzzles In the cathedral close (3-5)
26 Do week-end solvers of his crosswords spy entries? (3-3)
29 As he needs something, toss, give him a telescope (10)
35 In Madrid, one pries his views on Torquemada (5)
39 One from a plane in Man chase merged with his puzzles (5)
40 Big game hunters in Gas, sand cubs for the zoo (10)
1 Another "Revised Version" from a don at Ipswich (8)
4 Parson-bird from a girl in a New Zealand sanctuary (5)
5 Old Age Pensioner's Plaything, suitably inscribed by one in Croydon (5)
12 Lots of spirit from the solvers at the distillery (5)
15 Something revolting from a jealous High Churchman (8)
17 A Commemorative Crossword (three other setters contributed to this) (6)
32 A cabinet for storing rare Beetle recordings (5,5)
34 An amusing Dali picture that was found in a jumble sale (10)
36 Sound Reproducing System from a large Store in Manchester (6)
37 Something bottled for the celebration from a lassie in Scotland? (6)
2 A man with a piano, in a tile (5)
7 Booking-place enraged 'Erb, being messy (4-4)
8 Company commander In California takes a joke (4-4)
10 Make guzzling giant see I'm scraggy (10)
11 Time to restrict renegade lasses (6)
13 Cut round limits of chestnut tree (5)
14 Must former spouse hide endlessly? (5)
16 Workman, to prevent quarrel, is married by two people (4-6)
18 Beers also imbibed amid silence in retreat (5)
19 Slip up about love (5)
20 Miss embracing love gets smack (5)
21 See the way wiggling hips show mobility (8)
22 Roman of rank is master over mother (5)
23 Girl holding the French brat up (6)
27 Natal band's obsolete type of folk music (3,7)
28 Up market city where a poor actor, having nothing, is rejected (5)
30 Ruse that puts King finally in control (5)
31 Arbitrator comprehending priest's aim (6)
33 Head of organization in railway college is very sound (4-4)
38 Tut! Erred badly with powers above (8)