Repatriation by Hawk

The government is in the process of repatriating a set of (in its view) unwanted characters. Most are waiting for flights alongside regular travellers. Two have gone to ground, and are hiding elsewhere in unchecked cells.
1A and 47 represent the airport departure lounges, initially to be filled with seven answers entered side-by-side where they will fit, but without separating bars. Clues for these are given in alphabetical order of their answers.
Solvers must systematically identify all unwanted characters in the completed grid, and replace them with acceptable alternatives. Eight of the numbered clues contain an extra word, to be removed before solving. Each is a definition of one of the new entries formed by the exercise. In addition, the departure lounges must display two four-word phrases providing some oblique commentary, possibly suggesting that the process i) isn't ideal and ii) reveals a somewhat casual attitude.
The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary source. 1D and one final phrase are in The Collins Dictionary.

Departure Lounges
Nightjar dropping setter's insect (3)
Girl making short spacewalk (3)
Oundle's first former pupil's clutching The Dandy (3)
Musical essentially lacking syrup of old (4)
State letter eaten by marmoset (6)
Busybody buries spring onion (4)
Which publisher's case? (5)

11    In which activity is in me – the wrong way? (6)
12    Uzbekistan’s capital of sport (4)
13    Sad cry from carriage interior (4)
15    Cupar's rogue male adult deer briefly shelters (5)
17    Mark arrives to replace bar's new bird impersonators (5)
19    Shed divides sheep, after a fashion (8)
21    Lord tucks into El Salvador terrapin (4)
23    They’re used in Yokohama sushi (5)
24    Floating matter around Portobello to disgust passing swimmer (4)
25    Oilseed plant to appear all over Mauritius (6)
27    Basically they mean powdered trifle's incomplete (7)
29    Pipes Queen aboard marine dockside, essentially (7)
30    Is occupying No 10 mostly criminal? (6)
32    Shoot captured in legacy media (4)
34    Fools tree-huggers in Millets (8)
38    Victim of corrupt Iago's schemes isn't wanting the messing about (6)
40    Contrarily, sink's a space-filler (3)
41    Schutzstaffel entertained by letter’s poetic end (5)
42    Retired face-ache's stuffing pouches (5)
43    Stews 70% of semolina varieties (7)
44    Cairngorms shelter's southern projection (4)
45    Advancing son is swearing – Mum pardons (6)

46    They partially digest Aberdeen's seagulls (4)

1    Historically execute dictator's feudal tenures (5)
2    Penny red's heading off for British halfpennies down under (5)
3    Bugs could be seen in Michigan film (5)
4    Ceremonial chain link being shortened (3)
5    Cry of delight, having made pawn advance in game (4, two words)
6    College eccentric issues protective legwear (7)
7    Members acquiring another's books (5)
8    Local frames poetry, ignoring title (5)
9    Academic union in lawsuits to reveal political activities (8)
10    Is arrogant when electromotive force set in problems (7)
14    Understanding terrible omens in more than one department (5)
16    Farrow excluded, number reveals source of milk (5)
18    Tear gas commanders initially sprayed in clubs (5)
20    Recalled what fraudsters do in trees (6)
22    Malta's rivals leaving navy in hysterical fits (7)
25    Accountant blocks appeal for bishop's vestment (6)
26    Girl's ulcer is ignored (3)
28    Mobile art galleries? Maybe Clio's not sure (7)
31    Slimy surface – lettuce mould’s reduced with it (6)
33    Wood from Caribbean island around and about (5)
34    Edible tuber in Cape palm houses (5)
35    Rusty lock's English after German's left (5)
36    Try a bit of something easy for a change (5)
37    Plaster bandages stop soda bottles (5)
39    Herbal remedies a gypsy protects (4)
40    Ingredient of wild ragu? (4)
42    Aging relative to chat endlessly (3)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to before 8th July 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.