Extraordinary Rendition by Nutmeg

The 1960's novel 1ac sounds like a 37ac production, though in fact it wasn't. Both of these are clued by wordplay only. A historic personage who, being married, was presumably once a 1ac, appears in the grid and must be highlighted (7 cells). His extraordinary rendition of 37ac accounts for the unclued lights, unchecked and mutually checked letters of which could produce FATAL B-BRICK

1    Novel involved 13 minus five (12, 3 words)
9    Priest put back gold-plated vessel (5)
12    That man's cutting lace pants for little nippers! (6)
13    He drew men over into court (5)
17    Ploughs historically used to be turned west to south (4)
18    Former Italian tenor in inevitable return to gaol (8)
27    Part of insect's leg, unknown one eaten by mate (8)
30    Suit bound to appear back to front (4)
33    Vital set of instructions compiled in case of surgery (5)
34    Quickly fixes drink after work (6, 2 words)
35    Dig up ground near hut (7)
36    Line representing serviceman in artist's regular drawing (5)
37    Works by French novelist something to be thankful for (12, 3 words)
2    Bar last to fall within city's limits, aptly (8)
3    Tireless criminal runs away, making good use of events (7)
4    Talk involved name-dropping (5)
5    Scottish harvest gatherers heading off? (6)
6    Cheers up, welcoming in old faces (5)
7    Round jar such as we have locally (4)
8    Big fellows goin' down, heading to bottom (6)
11    No sound reason for lack of water? Water coming up (8, 3 words)
14    Bishop drops down over organ case (8)
16    Distinctive quality of hearing ultimately lost (4)
21    If nothing's struck, oddly it's a blow to Alpinists (4)
22    Trendy means of opening door one's found on roof (7)
23    Marsupial needs somewhere to go, with disorder mounting (6)
24    Duke pinches floosie's bottom prior to a grand celebration (6)
26    Bush in US is up and about, always rising first (6)
28    Firm friend's contribution to glossy film? (5)
29    Soil must shape nature (5)
31    Car used by Pope located (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the highlighted personage to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th September 2017. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.