Rare Achievements by Hedge-sparrow


The names of three individuals  who have achieved rare success appear as unclued entries in the grid (one split over two entries).  Solvers must highlight five entries (35 cells in total) which summarise their respective contributions, and two words (separately disposed in the grid, 9 further cells) which indicate how these have been recognised.  In normal reading order, letters discarded at clashes spell out the general field, to be written below the grid.  Six clues contain an extra letter sequence of two, three or four letters, to be removed before solving: in clue order, these give names of fellow contributors.  Excepting one abbreviation, all answers and entries are real words or names.  Chambers 2016 is the primary reference: 26 appears in Collins.

4     See American army in battle charge (10)
11    One in Italian peace-keeping body (3)
12    Misrepresent female abandoning faith (5)
13    Home Secretary admitting amour to leader of House – it’s a mess! (4)
14    Arrive holding crust of large bloomer (6)
15    Decline stopping leading performer spinning grooves (7)
16    Record hideous publicity about opening of parlour for poodle? (6)
17    Unclued (5)
19    The royal guards relapsed long ago, according to poet (4)
21    Workshop rebuilt at Lake Erie (7)
22    Legendary stable owner put a shilling on Gold Goddess (6)
25    Limit outside diameter to get transmission of energy (9)
28    Insist miscreant acts as a substitute (6, two words)
29    Use piano for choir’s final piece in performance?  That’s an idea (7)
32    At first, parliamentarians exploit agreement (4)
35    Play part of frisky jennet carrying County Alderman about (5)
37    Caught fish creating a disturbance around Loch Ness (6)
38    Resolve delay over emergency room comprising several beds (7)
39    Disfigure antique silver tower (6)
40    Head north to Essen, then back to Paris (4)
41    Goat forsaking deserted island (5)
42    Former Russian inmate loading glaze kiln (3)
43    Unclued (10)
1    Almost choked by quickly disposing of odd bits of kernel (7)
2    Poet’s undone, losing lead in race at the end (6)
3    Unclued (8)
4    One in Oban carrying short form of instrument stand with no feet (5)
5    Gadflies beginning to chomp members (5)
6    Throne African ruler’s set up inside ocean-going vessel (7, two words)
7    Prohibition bill supported by unionist (4)
8    One heading south-east on French river (5)
9    Capitol’s out of sight (7)
10    Recognize an Al-Na-based cubic mineral (6)
15    Withdrew treatise penned by poet’s counsel, once (9)
18    Fungal spores are a contributing factor in strongyloidiasis (5)
20    Overthrows from India inflating batsmen’s scores (5)
23    Invigorate and elevate on-line journal, putting in a bit of work (7)
24    What’s left when current overwhelms unfortunate man (7)
26    Attacked on board, Bluebeard finally abandons deck under a bit of pressure (7, two words)
27    In kirkyard, lays out for burial Saint Kelvin amongst ancient crosses (7)
28    Outer layers stretch externally for women in wellies (6)
30    Beats runners? (6)
31    Unclued (5)
33    Below source of Amazon, chart area forming Brazilian state (5)
34    University department receiving tip for racehorse not ridden previously (5)
36    Playing dice for African money (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted entries,  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th April 2020. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.