A Day at the Races  by  Ferret

Clues leading to four and five letter answers each contain a misprint of one letter which must be corrected before solving, always forming a real word. The correct letters reveal two characters having a word on the race track (34 cells, to be highlighted).
    1    State crude racial info (10)
    8    City to experience debauchery (6)
    9    Not tearing young Scottish children away from English child (4)
    10    Clever graduate’s first may be ranked according to merit (8)
    11    Rap about origin of Mexican wave (4)
    12    Rib local cant (4)
    14    Horribly sure he makes drugs (4)
    15    Concerning slight to religious education (4, two words)
    17    Is my retaining lug sticky? (6)
    19    Botch untangling tapes before leaving (4)
    20    Ancient dainty worked lace inside shoe (8)
    22    Misconstruing satirists I disregarded upholders of absolutism (8)
    25    Commit perjury accepting faraway imprisonment (4)
    26    Struggling arts centre gutted to reassign roles in play (6)
    28    A wild oath once upset dominee and church (4)
    29    Further crack sold (4)
    32    Returned letter with a small bloom (4)
    33    Grandfather’s fear about loo (4)
    34    In dance movement Ian’s damaged toe of shoe (8)
    35    Playing hard with this frenzied expression produces euphoria (4)
    36    Retired mafiosi target fences free of charge (6)
    37    Flight attendants tense for part of watch (10)
    1    C. lupus changed into native American in ‘Twilight’ (10)
    2    Accepted egg from French assistants (5)
    3    Roll ends of line towing bole about this (7)
    4    Crash no longer used for getting hold of scrap (6)
    5    One is pragmatic about the top celebrities (7)
    6    I shall discuss Society’s abuses (9)
    7    A benny on top of ecstasy is hell for a poet (4)
    13    One year, large fish served us for a month (5)
    16    Postie laboured to please old-fashioned letter-writer (10)
    18    Cruel sickness I caught in Ohio, United States (9)
    21    Noblemen are afraid of leaderless lone son (5)
    23    Dailies rearranged seats in church (7)
    24    Salt to treat last of the hail (7)
    27    Microsoft’s operating system in Ireland is to come to an end (6)
    30    Silk was examined on it (5)
    31    Sword made by applying extreme pressure on bare edge initially (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the final step, to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th August 2012. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  one of the Chambers range of books which has been donated by Chambers.