Plain Puzzle by Ximenes


l. Out of Scotch spirit - and sherry too? (8)
7. Silver in a fraud, to be met on the Spanish main (4)
10. Poet who shows right way to win Cynthia back? (10)
12. Catherine-wheel needs reloading after exploding (9)
13. It has a bridge: you'll see goings on under it (4)
15. Coming into tin, to enjoy life, come into sin? (6)
16. Drink - after a tankard I'll get merry (6)
17. Trail slowly back after do in Gargantuans' Club? (6)
18. Thames expert finds the Ganges perplexing (6)
19. Kindly spirit in the beak? Quite the reverse (6)
22. Climbs in Grampians - relaxes on the way hack (6)
24. Something good for taking off weight in the pm (6)
25. A little carbon leads to sounder back teeth (6)
27. Gosh, the crooked Dickensian lawyer's heart (4)
29. Old sort of embroidery work round about a modern undergarment is boring (9)
30. The profligate sees it rapt (10)
31. One might read this in antiquated Danish (4)
32. Excuses regarded as sauce in old servants (8)
1. Pluck, a great asset for a slow bowler (4)
2. He commits croonings that are discordant (9)
3.1 got taken in by an old swindler, ex-diplomatist (6)
4. Country marketing run by a junior employee (6)
5. Impresses approval, or expresses disapproval (6)
6. It's a pity to put on fine stuff that's old (6)
7. Bouncers won't do for the Eton and Harrow match (4)
8. Old soldier, one quite apathetic among girls (10)
9. Nothing to write on the point, being obvious (8)
11. Shocking man acting as manager, a perfect fool (10)
14. One of a breakfast party, upset in twice being served with bad egg, got short (9)
15. Being astute about sexiness helps one to appreciate a foreign film (8)
20. This sectarian has butter on both sides of the first two bits of bread (6)
21. flowerpot man got up as a knight in Bacchic garb (6)
22. Does away with rags: shines without polish (6)
23. An old stunt in the Post Office - by express (6)
26. To Sharpen one may cause a nasty prick (4)
28. Their grandparents are Scots, let me tell you (4)