Plain Puzzle by Ximenes


1. Examine an inside? My words bode an operation (8)
7. Violinist? A number of items off. The common herd won't like that (4)
11. Bill, being bashful, was quiet (5)
12. Second portion of hors d'oeuvre varié ? Too late (7)
13. Was uppish - good smack in girdle (half off) (12)
16. Pulling a fast one with no motive is nuts (4)
17. Prizes - cheer hysterically, and quick about it (9)
18. The whole leg must be bound without any ado (4)
20. Goddess of Beauty figuring in devilish rituals (4)
22. Renders this name in bright colour (4)
23. Tight (no head), wet, nappy - it's the Scotch (4)
25. Men like young Shaw could each have been debarred (9)
26. A good lot, and a bad lot, flourish (4)
30. We must see this next round: give the old dear half your seat (12)
31. Being ascetic, including start of continence (7)
32. Whine about love? Try me for a bit of a dance (5)
33. Cast amorous glances, we hear, in a hot spot (4)
34. Garden pests he spirts without restraint (8)
1. Food shows stickiness: try a change of method (4)
2. Le Spice is very naughty: cut out heavenly body (7)
3. Pursuit, stampede - see the horse's tail? (12)
4. Scots gee, and a low fellow asking about one (4)
5. If severe in the ring, this may lead - (4)
6. No more errors - an award in course (9)
8. I'm warm-blooded: natural that woman should almost get a black eye (12)
9. Lots in a name? Just the opposite: chew on that (5)
10. Angel's wings pray for one in Sion when erring (8)
14. I'm very close to the verge: a false step can put me in (9)
15. Bone reset: hence outlook was promising (4)
17. Cornstalks (to use the old term) play badly on limitless test ground down under (8)
19. I'm decent, but no saint, in lacy open-work - chic (4)
21. It's clear I'd arranged to show a little something underneath (7)
24. What makes you less than sober, fuddled, imbibing an extra round? (5)
27. Boy in Latin class, good material for a tanning (4)
28. Lash and hit with a good shot hinder protuberance (4)
29. A thousand of these weights need some shifting (4)