Plain Puzzle by Ximenes

1. Striving for a friendly spirit with America (5)
5. Curious view of S. Paul's about love in wedlock (7)
10. Aunts, etc., with a small child at  home, were still spoiling him and his brothers and sisters (10)
11. Liliaceous tree in spring has feathery greenery (5)
12. Ghost gets me excited like all taken aback (6)
14. Yokefellow harnessed with five near stubble field (8)
16. Turn this knob if you want to get rammer across (5)
17 When this charmer traps a novice, it's her figure (5)
18. Ex-P.M. meets Duce in Italian underground: Führer's leading representative not present (7)
21. It's hard disposing of troublesome callers (7)
22. Opening of letter to Chamberlain? It was dreadful (5)
24. Half this fur is legally to be bequeathed (5)
28. Bird carrying woolly animal in stunted claw (8)
29. Race several yards, roughly speaking, backwards (6)
30. Blonde, trapping novice shows natural aptitude (5)
31. Dancer's liable to cause brawl in upper circle (10)
32. Catmint needs air: get a chap with a fork (7)
33. This plant's got in among the blessed geraniums (5)
1. Overthrow of McMcTavish, caused by meteorites? (7)
2. Penetrating the beginning of Ximenes? I'm baffled - it drives one mad (10)
3. Winter sportsman round peak of Vosges does splits (6)
4. Gin's tempting: your tin'll go before time's up (5)
5. Half a comma, i.e. a boy's best friend (7)
6. Dawgs didn't orter  ̶̶  sheep, but zumbody 'as (5)
7. Tortuous clue and prizeworthy? Only the beginning of it: getting an H.C., perhaps (8)
8. The sound of footsteps in a bog is hardly a boom (5)
9. Black and White (Scotch) - about four tumblers here: then bring up three (5)
13. Small land-owner has a special sort of pocket with lots of papers
to be filled in (10)
15. Old crook lets race become phony (8)
19. Mixture, both ingredients soft - a drink to waste (7)
20. The very last animal for 'Arry to support (7)
23. I'm at sea - a very stiff paper (6)
24. Sue one of the courtiers of Darius? (5)
25. I'm British - halt, says he to enemy scum (5)
26. King here had capacious bed: hence the prohibition about sexiness? (5) 27. Transports, or twansports for those in twouble? (5)