Pending Solution by Chalicea

Each clue contains an extra word. The initial letters of these, read in clue order, give an instruction.
    2    Circuits in units, cooking fries with omelettes now and then (8)
    7    Extremely fine band bringing back old airs over time (5)
    11    Bark when low earnings cut back (3)
    13    Lecturer to acquire non-standard office to teach (5)
    14    Catastrophic obliteration losing one rough unclassified fossil order (9)
    15    Spirit very rarely accepted in narcotic drink (4)
    16    Organic soil flourishing intermittently in gully in Shetland (3)
    17    Poet's ice outcrop smashed into a state of disintegration (8, two words)
    19    Configuration of remote stars, part of Chamaeleon (3)
    20    Ill-disposed as Tsar to turbulent village headman (8)
    21    Nineties, years lacking restraint for baseball teams, for example (5)
    23    In Holyrood, directed explosive sardonic tirade (6)
    24    Airshows not oddly producing electronic film replay systems (4)
    26    Leader of vegetable operatives penetrating chickpea aperture (6)
    29    Gypsy man going round with southern, essentially local girls (4)
    31    Thieving bird kept finally for pet in northern Scotland (4)
    33    Couple's in-laws sorted out bills in St Andrews' bars (6)
    35    Bird's eggs primarily second-rate and lacking colour (4)
    37    New design for limitless ancient scorn (6)
    39    Irritable, hot and angry finally, after bottlenecks regularly lengthen (5)
    42    Misuse of petrodollars uncovered doubly subsidising fee-charging expressway (8, two words)
    45    Poet's regret; odes were mostly rejected (3)
    46    A hermit surprisingly active in sacred Brahminical temples (8)
    47    Misery in Scotland of wife spurned by one Glaswegian (3)
    48    One from the other side of the curtain is troubled so, retrospectively (4)
    49    Inordinately saintlier one converting anthems to language of antiquity (9)
    51    Medical procedure, central part of gene mapping (5)
    52    Oppressive Liberian tyrant periodically cross (3)
    53    Grim gentleman goes around within limits of East Germany (5)
    54    Splendid sparkling stuff followed by top ups, from time to time (8)
    1    In a muddle idly omit things of bivalve form (8)
    2    Post royal consultant taking on two queens to watch over deplorable power (14, two words)
    3    Bird, worshipped by Egyptians, Latin at heart, unwelcome devil for Muslims (5)
    4    Clinician to crop one deformed small bone (7)
    5    Taxpayer must locally support loan for primitive type of human (6)
    6    Island race harbouring unlimited energy for new year festival (3)
    7    Without computer technology, Island readjusted monetary units (6)
    8    Distraught karate society member's resort to extreme fighting (8, two words)
    9    Firmly established nature of tee at Inverness angled unusually (14)
    10    Disconcerted with husband leaving, noticeably cast down (6)
    12    Fool about, defusing explosive material (5)
    13    Folds Durban's waste rags (4)
    16    Got over offensive archaic expression of disbelief (4, two words)
    18    Racket rising near the ear rapidly (4)
    22    Monkey language, not entirely uttered in words (3)
    23    German writer loses head demanding one-time next-of-kin's stipend (3)
    25    Fluctuating temperature-humidity index in filthy places; local smithies (8)
    27    Dynasty discovered in ancient Irish annals (3)
    28    Couple backing anything made locally (3)
    30    Bloom of delivery following heroin overdose (8)
    32    Wherry to use occasionally, form of action word in days gone by (4)
    34    Irish playwright not once satisfactorily presented essentially, in native language (7)
    36    Dropouts lived somewhere abandoning derelict homes (4)
    37    Heartless newly-married man is upset eviscerating monstrous bird (6)
    38    Roam around in outskirts of gullery searching for fish (6)
    40    Votaress lacking inspirational verse and craft turns to muse (5)
    41    Becoming unenthusiastic, losing heart, softly murmuring grievances (6)
    43    Sing an accompaniment, one note noisily repeated (4)
    44    Drum up satisfactory independent electoral publicity (5)
    50    Rotten eggs served up for small change in Macao (3)


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To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format indicating clearly the final grid, to before the 8th August 2016.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.