Printer's Devilry

Each Across clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties sometimes with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. EXAMPLE - 'Ximenes once had a solver in hobo, I'm told (4)': ANSWER - ARTS - 'Ximenes once had a solver in Hobart, so I'm told.' Each passage when complete makes sense. All the Down clues are normal cryptic ones.

devilry grid

1. An actor without, aping every Theatrical Agency (8)
7. A man who is angry and a lady for a fight (4)
8. After tests, wanted to play games with the hostess (4)
9. On hearing the burglar a lily-maid fled from the house (6)
11. After leaving the bread, going home to the wife (4)
14. BBC man in 'Peter' viewing South Americans for TV programme (4)
16. One listing the works of Sir Arthur, bit Ted a piece (6)
17. Some carpenters mind sot - hers simply butt them (4)
18. A shocking caller, remember of his own team, out in every match (4)
19. The children could see the diviner and mother's collection of pictures (8)
1. Attacks fool with a terrible lust (8)
2. Bellow for one of crew after start of race (4)
3. Rats running wildly around in coaches (6)
4. Uniform has a medal to display (4)
5. Offensive about to capture Urban District (4)
6. Desiring energy to enter into story-telling (8)
10. Ex-students injured in maul (6)
12. Is pornography this cheap? (4)
13. An employer some abuse regularly (4)
15. A figure I study carefully (4)

This puzzle appeared in The Hamlyn Book of Crosswords published by Hamlyn Paperbacks 1978