Ouroboros by Vernon

The answers overlap and some of them have an unusual mode of entry. At least half the letters of any word are in the two adjacent words. The word-lengths given refer to the answers to the clues.

1 Tinder box fuming in a roué’s heart (6)
2 Two days in a row opener rejected single (5)
3 Male journalist’s success (5)
4 Cover up in the sun with a blocking (8)
5 On edge and terminally withdrawn ─ terrible chap (5, hyphenated)
6 Discomfort from flying gnats (5)
7 Crushes member of new family (7)
8 Lines as nets could be regarded (6)
9 Sent round country with oriental accessory (7)
10 Masculine personality found in north-east county at first highly entertaining (7)
11 As a result he hid in the outskirts of town (4)
12 Nozzle opens unusually, that is to say nicely in the centre (9)
13 After epic thrashing, old Uncle America left in bits (9)
14 Without a care, loafs around outside (8)
15 What’s occasionally found twisted in back bone (5)
16 Both East and West produce this leather (5)
17 Evenly wear record, possibly (5)
18 Remove tea from store? (5)
19 Perth game score, possibly (5, hyphenated)
20 Failed at university, he succeeded in starting to perform in public ... (10, three words)
21 ... after university, wrote badly and survived (7)
22 Fame at present rests in previous career (6)
23 Has snow melted? (4)
24 Short saying? Certainly not very loud (7, hyphenated)
25 Misguided gymnast might be this (7, hyphenated)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format (with a description of the unusual method of entry), to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before the 8th December 2013. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of Chambers Book of Great Speeches which has been donated by Chambers.