One to Ten by Chalicea

The unclued lights, each consisting of several words are not in Chambers but can be found in the ODQ. Wordplay leads to an extra letter in clues to 3, 4, and 5-letter entries; read in clue order these prompt solvers what to write below the grid. Read in clue order these prompt solvers what to enter below the grid (3,3,5)

    4    Intermediates a little in army regulation standards (10)
    14    Biblical plant to make clinically clean cutting out exactly what is needed (5)
    15    Greek independence on island on Aegean's outskirts (6)
    17    Refusals readily sent back (3)
    20    Encouraging sounds of first of tiny young birds (7)
    22    Receding curved street briefly dry (3)
    23    Levy compulsory contribution on the French for support (4)
    24    In Lanark grasps old coins from the Baltic (4)
    26    Backs into a revolutionary (4)
    29    Locally handle fermented litres (5)
    30    Heated pool makes a comeback after direct current gently dips (4)
    31    Supernatural beings' time preceding events (4)
    32    Set out at first a covered colonnade (4)
    34    Given new colour encompassing navy unit (4)
    35    Heartless deal with wives, giving very small amounts (5)
    39    Problem affecting blood of US agents consuming the Moselle or frolicking (15)
    41    Authentic Highland dance around start of autumn (4)
    42    Tiny bird turned small amphibian circling river (4)
    44    Top to toe, adopt way of treating Parkinson's disease (4)
    45    In Holyrood our fiasco finally over according to Scots (3)
    46    Awful crises involving loud noises interfering with reception in White House (7)
    47    With touch of riotous glee, regularly put one over on subordinate person (12, 2 words)
    49    New migration for blue tit (3)
    50    Doughnut-shaped object's surprising distortion isn't carelessly disregarded (6)
    51    Female animals protecting essentially rangiest motherless calf in Nebraska (5)
    1    Male employee hindered mounting special shelves (7)
    3    Suspicious, unfriendly look - yes if he goes wrong (7)
    5    Offensive smell surrounding island regime (5)
    7    Discordant skirl vexes (4)
    8    Believes time impairs by inactivity (6)
    9    Climbing parties' ordinary spree thrown into confusion (5)
    10    To snare principally trapping active rodent climbing timber trees (7)
    11    In Skye such onion-tasting herbs raised but not ultimately edible (3)
    12    Be the most foolish of all; abscond with unglazed pottery (14, 3 words)
    13    Removes from power corrupt US senate, lacking a modicum of efficiency (7)
    16    For South African nothing at all new in Germany's spiteful spirit (6)
    19    Eccentric Cornish fop is a venomous creature (12, 2 words)
    21    Old currency involved with drawn match (4)
    25    National Trust supporting designation for spike of unisexual flowers (5)
    28    Caustic concerning the bard's urge to fight (5)
    32    Sets of characters used in writing share certificates over time (7)
    33    Unusual pallor for player selected for Boston's team of top men (6)
    34    Old coins I'd earn working with a bit of initiative (7)
    36    Foster endless reward (4)
    37    Make an impression on wicked spirit in midst of savageries (7)
    38    Upset head wrongly sent delicate material (7)
    40    Sin with essentially fatal mistakes (6)
    42    Misery, see, following people living near the Senegal River (5)
    43    Chunk of age-old eccentric rock (5)
    46    Section to critically examine in review then primarily restore (4)
    48    Openings central to photorealism (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, to before 8th February 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.