One Name is Key by Wan


Nine clues consist of wordplay only; their definitions, four of one type and five of another, are covered by the title of a literary work, though the first type in a broad sense. A fifth, and more specific example of the first type is given by the first letters of these clues. All other clues have a misprint in the definition. The correct letters give the right number of cryptic hints to the content of the theme work.

A second work to be found in the grid may help solvers identify the writer of the theme work. The second work, which is appropriately represented, could be clued with a similar hint using a slightly different interpretation. The title of the theme work must be written under the grid and the title of the second work must be highlighted.

The Chambers dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.

    1      Bizet, Glass, and occasionally Brahms and Liszt (6)
    5      Overturned Dutch fishing-vessel catching our country´s hake (6, 2 words)
    10    Skunk caught in Missouri by Jove (5)
    11    Ark Royal's stern Wan's twisted on sea bottom (7)
    12    Nabbing topless drunk, gosh here? (6)
    14    East end of London parts dry before afternoon (6)
    15    Bees, including some agitated (7)
    16    Smell cat perhaps next to young child (5)
    19    Judge assuming month is covered with hearings (4)
    21    Aberdeen kid who stays unemployed having no degree (7, 2 words)
    22    Tickled salmon trout must suspect ducks (7)
    24    French now in Cleveland Bay perhaps sacking the English (4)
    30    Warning past girlfriend's left is specious (5)
    31    Scoundrel Henry pinches a flag, it could go on a cake (7)
    32    Time has established Wan bores (6)
    33    A low standard leads to college ending lessons (6)
    34    Clumsy waitress slips with jams perhaps (7)
    35    Dear Romeo departs sullen (5)
    36    Sister recycled spokes (6)
    37    Yankee's truck parking going across North America (6)
1     Scores of sheep after shearing left to sit awkwardly (6)
2     Elizabethan prayer's particular purpose is not above church (5)
3     Sharpening of a tine's edges on exotic tree trunk (6)
4     Be quiet nurse when leaving hospital (5)
5     Rappers may use these in error, many switching vowels (8)
6     Fancy lady clothing pet roughly like last master (7)
7     Belle no longer craving king is stuck up (5)
8     Sailing-vessel fitted with five grips (6)
9     Oscar cut cyst on the head back (5)
13    Stan, once again he recycles bottles (6)
17    Makes herd quiet when adding horseshoes? (8)
18    First signs of old age are golf, dancing and mowing (6)
20    Oddly used this fills a sandwich (7, 2 words)
23    It's like a hire purchase agreement, incoherent, all empty gibberish (6)
24    Shook hard, our Scots boxing bishop (6)
25    Marry, with a struggle, a person of no importance (6)
26    Myth of volunteers leading search and rescue (5)
27    Gents see a young woman (5)
28    One after a tipple, ooh in Japan? (5)
29    Paris's good to carry cases about (5)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted entry and the title below the grid,  to before 8th February 2020. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.