Old Titles by Curmudgeon

Solvers must highlight the name of a work and the titles of its component parts in the grid (57 cells in all). The letters appearing in circles will give a hint.

    1    Consumed by fire without, in the past, involving the navy (5)
    5    Part of an ordinary logic circuit (3)
    8    Additional designation not for Scots in a book (6)
    13    Unctuous, going round Australia in a slimy way (6)
    14    Yankees dismiss preposterous name for rock guitarist (6)
    15    The bard's 'about', 'at', 'on' and 'so', misused (6, 2 words)
    16    Father right to be of service to inferior (8)
    17    Extremities of upper dome having points (4)
    18    Lava fragments, erratically elliptical etc., violently ejected (7)
    20    Theory ultimately good for nothing for Australia's drought period (6, 2 words)
    23    Saves from destruction bit of valuable silver in cut-rate selling events (8)
    26    Good grief! Limitlessly dreary in Holyrood (5)
    28    A tyro originally grasping tricky English craft produces object of cultural interest (8)
    30    Small bridge's poppy colour (7)
    34    Support Amnesty International with series of steps (7)
    35    Uncovered amateurish forged antique weapon (8)
    36    In times gone by bring in immigrant (old woman excluded) (5)
    38    A 'No' is French reaction introducing, for starters, periods with no sex (8)
    40    Stone lining base, old earthenware container (6)
    41    Gateshead area's discordant treason (7)
    43    Narcotic soft drink (4)
    46    Drinkable drop of vino for new king able to be managed (8)
    49    Young animal left after endlessly climbing tutu tree (6)
    50    Openers of advocate's brief dried up, the accused being absent (6, 2 words)
    51    A French girl, disheartened by university, chose at last to become detached (6)
    52    Small illuminated Ctrl key oddly removed (6)
    53    Sheep disease leads to grave income depletion (3)
    54    Wild dog's racket and energy (5)
    1    Detects submarine briefly rising in places to leave or join transport (8, 2 words)
    2    Judge upset after rejection of our Scottish letter of thanks (6)
    3    Unacceptable heartless trade association set up (4)
    4    Historical title of organised partizans Spain sadly turfed out (4)
    6    Greek vessels turning up in Lebanese plots (5)
    7    Clyde port returned Swedish rug (3)
    8    Act as informer about sailor (3)
    9    Liven up removing top blemishes in Las Vegas (4)
    10    Mixture of American seaweed mass (7)
    11    Enrol workers lacking leader and inclination (6)
    12    In Glasgow abandon form and hoof it endlessly, with energy (8)
    18    Court of Session's antiquated doctrine regularly appearing in legal process (4)
    19    Scene of ritual slaughter encloses one bright star (6)
    21    Fine words, in the past, that is, for extra seat in car (6)
    22    Young ox, reared around start of spring suddenly refuses to move for Mac (6)
    24    Dubiously divert Ed's judicial decision (6)
    25    Ardent American lover (6)
    27    National society supporting quality assurance for irrigation tunnels (6)
    29    Muslim Commander-in-Chief raised single young flowering plant (8)
    31    Safe toilet demonstration that went awry (8)
    32    Writer about love, with calamitous fiction leads to comical mortifications (7)
    33    Short river feeding canal (4)
    35    Disgraceful thing abandoning college footwear (6)
    37    Place of trade with space for fur (6)
    39    Coldness of manner in upset ancient tribe (5)
    42    Field vole from time to time finally caught small amphibian (4)
    44    Poet's slaughtered young goat, securing bit of lunch (4)
    45    Some private tuition for housewife (4)
    47    Front half of insect, busy one it's said (3)
    48    Handle a sluggish worm (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, indicating the highlighted entries, to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th June 2018. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book donated by  Chambers.