Obi by Wan


A word in each of nine across clues contains two extra letters, and a word in each of the down clues contains one extra letter. All extra letters are in the wordplay part of clues and leave real words behind. The extra letters in down clues hint at how to use all but one pair of letters from the nine across clues uniformly in the grid. Solvers should use the remaining pair appropriately writing the result under the grid. The final grid contains all real words, including one proper noun.
The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.

1      Form of verb sentence used the wrong way (4)
4      Force husband to split responsibility (6)
10    Over half of folk want that quilt (6)
11    Wash inside sesame plant (6)
12    Basket for shop (4)
13    Restage performing ants (7)
14    Lisa playing kora for Jack (6)
15    US force is ready in Ethiopia (4)
18    Disaster forgetting one area creating birds’ areas (6)
21    Rabbit on in church yard (5)
22    Hear a large number destroyed (5)
24    Country turned inside out too (4)
25    Tired member seen around club (4)
27    Irish spirit is number 2 spirit of Egypt (5)
29    Refuge hiding weak donkey (5)
30    Worn-out French record, put to some purpose entertaining Wan (7)
33    Plants rarer in September on reflection (4)
34    Flounder - short white fish brought from east to west (6)
36    Second musical instrument for film editing machine (7)
38    Oxen driver ran to stop idol (4)
39    Racer changing side for gutter (6)
40    Stow around ten assets in centre that's unoccupied (6)
41    Anger that makes mad madder? (6)
42    Sing in the French method (4)
1     Twin town in Malta with one in Scotland (4)
2     Commercial boy stops on account of works (5)
3     Empty dispenser, last, at sea, to remove chloride (6)
5     Boat bard won is more robust (5)
6     Unworldly reformer spits out rubbish (7)
7     Horses will hoof people? (6)
8     Spill rupees moving in gadi (5)
9     Hello, perhaps none are tips from nefarious sorcerers (7)
16    Seven plugs covering part of column (5)
17    Gold sold for one (4)
18    Most tint over fancy upright mouldings (5)
19    Elder, perhaps, out of Troy, opens books for spiritual leader (5)
20    A metallic element releasing bright charged particle (5)
23    Scarier knocking about stoned goofs (4)
26    Short loner for example eats in no time at all (7)
28    I grant you that Scots matelot, Ian, drank poison (7)
31    Ball of wax spinning over time (6)
32    Mainly winch all forms of species in gradation (6)
33    Temple's ruin with stuff put outside (5)
34    Widen stiff belt when trimming edges inferior in standard (5)
35    Early footless and headless being seen in compound (5)
37    Tippers perhaps carrying last of slate to protected side (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the result below the grid, to before 8th February 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book which has been donated by the Crossword Centre..