Crossword News August 2014

In July we published two puzzles. The Prize Puzzle was PA System by Kruger. This was a neat update on the Theme and Variations puzzle. Extra letters in clues gave the message WORDS ABLE TO PRECEDE, REPLACE OR FOLLOW. Taking the title to indicate Press Association, you were looking for three newspapers and words which could match according to the hidden message. A full solution is available at

The winner was Andrea Johnson who should soon be receiving a prize from Chambers.

 We also had a mathematical teaser, Solitaire by Oyler. This was beyond me but the game could be completed in 22 moves. A full solution is available at

 The winner was Richard Chamberlain who will soon be receiving a prize that I am donating. Comments and statistics for both our July puzzles will be included in my next newsletter.

 This month you have the chance to try our Prize Puzzle, Three of a Kind III and our Summer Special, Two, both by popular setter Regson.

 Next month we are delighted to have a puzzle by seasoned Listener setter Bufo. SUCKER? by Bufo will be published towards the end of August and should prove to be a nice challenge for September.


Details of the next Listener Dinner have now been announced. So the 2015 Dinner will be held at the Old Swan Hotel, on Saturday 28th February 2015. If you expected an invitation and didn't then do get in touch with Jim Coulson. If you have never been to one of these functions and would like to it seems that you just have to get a setter to invite you as a guest.

If you have not been following the discussion on the new Chambers 13th edition then you will be astonished. In the 12th edition they highlighted the words that were uniquely Chamberish, rare or archaic words such as taghairm, fidibus and methysis. In the 13th edition all these words have been deleted, well over 500 of them. The publishers have made much of the new words that have been added but crossword solvers, setters and editors are more worried by the missing words. As yet there has been no comment from Chambers.

Still on the subject of dictionaries, the OED has announced the latest words to be admitted to the on-line dictionary. It certainly makes interesting reading.

News of a documentary film about to be made concerning John Graham, better known as the setter Araucaria. Alan Connor interviews director Matt Houghton in a recent blog. He has been looking for solvers to appear in his film. You can read it here.

 Best wishes