The Naked Truth by Curmudgeon

Each across clue contains an extra word that must be removed before solving. The initial letters of these words, read in clue order, tell solvers how the completed grid must be adapted producing the naked truth and leaving only real words or abbreviations when empty cells are ignored.

    1    Tie circling the Spanish gold (3)
    5    Fuel storage receptacle accoutrements initially gutted and were offensive (7, two words)
    11    Teacher's kit he can put straight in all probability (13, three words)
    12    Brutish man's equipment cut back thin plate of bone (6)
    13    Bird's outfit, see! In the centre of reactionary old Thailand (5)
    15    To drink hard fatigues reformed poet (4)
    16    To deserve footwear, began run from time to time (4)
    17    Composition of prose things not right for a poem (4)
    19    Pander's habit primarily portraying wicked spirit (4)
    20    Give birth to young among tropical vegetation ensemble (5)
    21    Inverness tree knocking top off fast car (4)
    24    Old Australian cash in dilapidated mail sac secured by common soldiers (5)
    25    Foremost of Flight Sergeant's attire including outsize trench (4)
    26    Celebrate arrival of gauchos in chasing scene now and then (5, two words)
    27    Foremeost of stylish imaginative designs adapted for hemp interlining (4)
    29    Bird to feel disappointed over, nightingale not rook (5)
    31    Gas used for lighting accessory, not in the past working (4)
    32    Rig eagerly competing for heart of Dover bay's oil energy now and then (5)
    34    Finally farm to heartlessly yoke Giles' favourite cattle in the country (4)
    35    Dry and withered cover, look, needs hint of rain (4)
    36    With hint of imagination involved, retrograde linen rag produces gore in kilt maybe? (4)
    38    Not initially express derision about Oxford market place (4)
    39    Top winter fruit lines developed (5)
    41    Find repugnant the hat on trimmed loose outer garment (6)
    42    Sciences of temperature measurement see trimmer hot innerwear created (13)
    43    Readjusted ironed neckband before opening of evensong for one admitted to holy orders (7)
    44    Dull, stupid person's gear, a singular mess ultimately (3)
    1    Situation of Brazil in 2016 or Japan in 2020 maybe (13, three words)
    2    Birds in meadows surrounding one Italian river (7)
    3    Perfection drew near, promoting academician (4)
    4    Highest in pitch of tenor pursuing complicated phrases (8)
    5    Festivity coming up in Malaga (4)
    6    One famed for industry in Australian Northern Territory (3)
    7    Abandon back to front gambling game (5)
    8    Positions US aeronautics and space organisation set up, for instance (6)
    9    Central point of pillars essentially supporting main body of basilica (5)
    10    Sees snared pet struggling in state of extreme hopelessness (13)
    14    A driven frenzied attacker (7)
    16    Capital of Italy rising up going round in the manner of sovereign ruler (7)
    18    Fatuous person commonly turning up with antiquated article - English musical instrument (7)
    22    Type of theatre prior to record runs (3)
    23    Peak of mounting painful effect of cold (3)
    24    Loathsomeness, maybe, rejecting rotten meals, things that occur only once! (8)
    28    Tendency to do nothing in European primarily remote, backward small island (7)
    30    Place a circle round space on peculiar grid? (6)
    33    Riled about person who does no work (5)
    34    Military Intelligence to assume fielding position (5)
    37    Balmoral's sly, slippery characters turning up (4)
    38    Biting sweet pastry dish (4)
    40    Innermost being in Paris of aged grasping male (3)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format,  to before the 8th December 2015.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.