Misprints by Apex

EIGHT of the Across and eight of the Down clues contain a misprint of one letter only in each occurring always in the definition part of the clue; their answers are to appear in the diagram correctly spelt. The other sixteen clues are correctly printed; their answers are to appear in the diagram with a misprint of one letter only in each. No unchecked letter in the diagram is to be misprinted; each twice-used letter is to appear as required by the correct form of at least one of the words to which it belongs. All indications such as anagrams, etc. in clues lead to correct forms of words required, not to misprinted forms.


1. I'm a match for every wild cat in view (12)
9. Refuse to hold what one can poke way back (6)
11. Rakish old sailor with a title (6)
13. Putting resin back in a copper dish (7)
14. The baby shows next (6)
*16. Possible take in river...fairly large I'm told (11)
17. Fish on a slate will never be in song (6)
19. I can go astray in a direct line (6)
*20.To organise it sets me back a packet (6)
22. Kind of luce caught by ship's anchor (6)
24. Gain ground in the middle of fight and shout a slogan (11)
26. About to desert rodents... becoming unbearable (6)
28. Fretted frame of gold wire woven with copper (7)
29. Executed after tea?... earlier than that!
30. Having a breather that's a help to sportsman (6)
31. Spy, perhaps, a setter after English birds (12)
1. Snob gets round another to swagger about (12)
2. 300 squiggles for engraver (6)
3. Sisters no longer spinning pops (4)
4. That's the end of laundry, an indoor burst and troubled plumber (11)
5. Police making a lot of sound in blow up... (7)
6 ....Jock's blow up is very soft (4)
7. Round little room one sort of eyes (6)
8. Two plants, before cut off, envelop me in a measure of cloudiness (12)
10. Fielding's best selling book without cover to bend over (8)
*12. Giving British blended cigar a good boost (11)
15. Try monstrous sea-ear, not one without pattern (8)
18. Close not far off stump? (7)
21. Lot of criticism for endless tangle on rail (6)
23. What's buried outside turned up right near cross (6)
25. Press encourage export drive (4)
27. Group to turn one's back upon (4).

All words in Chamber's Twentieth Century Dictionary Revised Edition.

Note: The three clues with asterisks are those which Ximenes considered to be slightly unsound.