Mayhem Parva by Vagans

Villainy is afoot once again in an English village. Extra letters given by the wordplay of down clues (not to be entered) spell out a hint which can help identify the serial protagonist (and avoid two red herrings linked to the location). Solvers should highlight the name of the village (12) and the  person responsible for the events (6) (17 cells in all). Chambers is recommended.

    1    Good pop group's music with strong rhythm (5)
    5    Spanish Christian rabble surrounds royal horsewoman (7)
    10    Alastair's odd roar is out of order (4)
    11    Publishers receive a wooden bowl in Holyrood (4)
    13    Not at all game, not I (6)
    14    Stylish in neckwear concealing worn facial feature (6)
    15    Blue blood flowing - Bob's not mingled with it - in old-fashioned single combat (6)
    17    Feel sad about decapitated bird (5)
    18    Thorny wood, sharp, put back round head of Bethlehemite (5)
    20    Environmentally concerned nation has no support in upper chamber (8)
    21    Expert holds letter for Medusa? (8)
    27    Queen in drive to broadcast again (5)
    29    Dreamy piece of music when virtual reality's elements added to this (5)
    30    Fool in church returning for bottoms of pies? (6)
    31    Saloon outraged as soon as Edmund said it (6)
    32    Put limits on entertaining traditional game in Texas (6, 2 words)
    35    Murphy likes pudding's filling (4)
    36    In Georgia he clarified buffalo butter (4)
    37    Salesman plans repeat events (7)
    38    Tea, bishop? We hear it's toast and salmon (5)
    1    Clot of sticky stuff on highland river (6)
    2    Bow he's stolen from Ambridge inhabitant? (3)
    3    Black raider in disguise shoots north of Border (6)
    4    Alien has head covered with sheepskin for helmet (6)
    5    Sort of acid bloke with microphone (6)
    6    Old herald's wavy leap unknown (5)
    7    State rules on new beard (3)
    8    Tags eaglets circling heart of shire (7)
    9    Piece about bridge by eastern war poet (6)
    11    Punish youths (they can hold knives in their drawers) (8)
    12    Military Cross on Napoleon's island leads to some sort of toast (5)
    16    Fish in disturbed eastern sound made bird look again (8)
    19    Sprang up after spiked club revealing needle points (7)
    21    Tell for instance one who is keeping in step (6)
    22    Seed covers the Italian surrounded by ears (5)
    23    Suggestion about a Yankee opening (6)
    24    Tired moan from GI back in southern hospital in bed (6)
    25    African-American man re-organised Arbroath when Rector away (6)
    26    Swan tore up old quill-case (6)
    28    Theatrical in a frosty way about part of sound system? (5)
    33    Tropical pea has no superior in land in north (3)
    34    Girl's long-legged bird (3)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the final entries to before 8th June 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.