Masterpiece by Craft

TITLE OF WORK ___________________________

This puzzle celebrates a 1967 work.
The five symmetrically-placed unclued entries reveal the location of the work, and the creator.
When filled, the grid must be shaded using two appropriate colours.
The name of the work should be written below the grid.

All entries are in Chambers 2014 (electronic version)

8  Some sugar, coated with a bow (4)
9  Teetotallers guzzling two pints?  That's water (4)
10  Curse flipping hilltop (3)
12  Request edges without edges? (5)
13  Bestows Greece to workers (6)
15  Calm romantic song; take no notice (6)
16  Fashionable people wearing Ellis' shell suit (5)
17  Supporters regularly take byroads (4)
18  Family of flyers in US tread carelessly (9)
23  Neck back an aperitif, if somewhat partial (4)
25  Setter dropping newspaper, going round bend (3)
27  What could be maturer way to correct mistake (7)
28  Inventor taking note for Introduction to Sexual Reproduction (7)
29  Criminal oaf is lost in Missouri (7)
30  Changed title of servant in Bambi's Return (7)
31  Sturgeon, perhaps, or Brown, manoeuvring to the left (3)
33  Plan prime locations of ridgeway (4)
34  Building sides around threadbare lawn, line with hardly any grass (9)
36  Scoundrel's qualifications short and informal, in retrospect (4)
38  Old man frequently needs glasses (5)
41  Transport oil by river, secure with navy on board (6)
43  Christian consumed by seat of learning (6)
44  Ignorant man, to whatever extent, grasses (5)
46  That lady is undressed, doorkeeper (3)
47  Essential part of apparatus when catching fish! (4)
48  Care about maple tree (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the title of the work  to before 8th November 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.
1  Jewellery, perhaps right on end of limb? (6)
2  Mount an animal, after ascension of sun-god (6)
3  Order members having old names (5)
4  Cat adopted by witness upset hams (6)
5  Sailor heads to the Amazonian rainforest (3)
6  Dutch queen upended chaperone (6)
7  Islanders announced Egyptian king with proficiency (7)
11  Swamp anyone, to a degree? (5)
14  Fox crossworder at last, entering final and initial letters (5)
19  Fraudster taking time to replace church cloth (8)
20  Aide prepared parting, comb in position (7)
22  Gig in Wembley, say, censoring essentially bad material (8)
24  Dismissed batsmen bother to perform better, with Craft? (7)
32  Coarse seaweed overwhelming with rustic aftertaste (5)
34  “Delta is in Paris”; acceptable to any local? (7)
35  Old Peruvians wearing twisted bag (5)
37  Chief accountant felt pity and sent telegram (6)
38  Small ensign encircles the Spanish (6)
39  One of two accompanying the queen, switching partner? (6)
40  Headless fellow in midair is frightening to locals (6)
42  Compete with both sides over four acres (5)
45  Salad ingredients, in the style of Dijonnaise? (3, two words)