What's it Look Like? by Artix

Group A clues are listed in alphabetical order of their answers and are definition only. Two answers are abbreviations. All but one of these entries have no unchecked letters.

Group B are listed in conventional order and are normal cryptic clues, except for three to thematic answers (all of the same length) which are wordplay only. 

The unconventional bar pattern must be deduced: the three cells with no letters in them must be barred off completely. The cell with the shape inside it must have a bar on one side only.

Finally, and also in response to the title, a single thematic answer must be highlighted.
Group A            
In the morning (2)       
Cuckoo (3)
Jewish month (2)             
Steal (old slang) (3)         
Crow (3)             
Italian author (3)        
Letter (2)            
IT interface (3)          
Stinging moth (2)         
Palm (3)             
Heraldic yellow (2)             
Tribe’s land (3)            
100 céntimos (3)        
Number (3)           
Sesame (3)           
Number (3)

Group B
Man running around madly, full of energy (9)
Maybe Stuart’s independent females who made lots? (6)
Eager to conceal lecturer’s past explosion of wind (5)
Old ancestral Bible translations, second one incomplete (6)    
Space in network’s compound (6)
Inside church, this raunchy salt could be considerate (9, two words)
Oil and bread for the Romans, after capturing Troy (9)   
Awkward blood relative kills bolshy liar (9, three words)
Handled officer after greeting newspaper boss (6)
No. 3 from Fifty Shades of Grey? No time for that! (6)       
County Down’s supporting estate? (6)
Stop permit for bird of prey (9)
Mostly ‘green’ axes pierce cut right through (9, two words)
Finish fight in tented village (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the highlighted entry, to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th January 2022. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book which has been donated by the Crossword Centre..