Longbow by Chalicea

Misprints occur in the definition parts of 11 clues. Correct letters, in clue order, give the name of the person whose longbow, together with its target, should be highlighted (a total of 19 cells).

    1    Book of maps with an element of topography in the end (2,4)
    6    Professional speaker by right, he returned nonsense (6)
    10    Split is not completely neat in execution, vague but not initially unsatisfactory (8)
    12    Chairman admitting credit for a single operational instruction (5)
    13    Art encompasses ordinary in bard's word of dismissal (6)
    14    Early duplicating machines ringing - very loud, lacking resistance - things intended for a single    occasion (3-4)
    15    Unhealthy-looking pie (5)
    17    Tumultuous rifest bout of struggling (6)
    18    Craft in knowing the latest trends in fashion after a bit of study (4)
    19    Temporary field pulpit with head of homilists getting tithe (5)
    22    Law with a modicum of tolerance - rarely! (4)
    25    Racecourse barrier raised - one that produces whickers (4)
    26    Opinion one holds in time, following grief (5)
    28    Children's word game is insubstantial, lacking opening (1-3)
    30    A chum's unsettled - just that! (2,4)
    33    Great circling small island in boat in the Hebrides (5)
    34    Know better, lacking weight, and be a person who creates tangles (7)
    35    Shakespeare's expression of boisterous emotion with author's bird (6)
    36    A rude misbehaved dunce in the Caribbean (5)
    37    Master, maintaining right, and little Edward stayed away from school (8)
    38    Voters for the motion in irregular suspense following intermittent hype (6)
    39    Woolly loose, not ordinary, enfolding article (6)
    1    Very nearly lost, absent for a start, and the end of term involved (6)
    2    Tarry goods spread within limits of tipcart (5)
    3    Alfalfa found in unlimited muck in a swamp near Argos (7)
    4    With considerable spill in a state of dryness once oil is absorbed round it (8)
    5    Self-contained orator, initially very loud and abject, earning derision (5)
    6    Relief of apprehension concerning unstable USA cranes (11)
    7    Musician hits rap in eccentric style (7)
    8    Apparition of dying person in the highlands, regularly that is so, with death, ultimately following (5)
    9    Write again, by machine, with reference to an exemplar (2-4)
    11    Safety devices - hoists holding sailor in the heart of limitless need (4,7)
    16    Tense formality in a call used to trick one's opponent in croquet (4)
    18    Why one changes direction on skis - to stop a single traversing of a course (4,4)
    20    Leaderless organisation of able people in association that once entertained the forces (4, abbrev.)
    21    One of five simple proteins in man's muscular elasticity (7)
    23    Mismanagement of routine in the womb (2,5)
    24    Fanciful thingy is a flimsy bit of lingerie for the dark hours (6)
    27    Servo air shots not oddly coming up in good number (6)
    29    Dutiful, positive acknowledgements of debt (5)
    31    Luted musical note repeated initially by dad (5)
    32   Grunts about Swedes losing direction (5)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format, along with the highlighted letters, to derekharrison@yahoo.com before the 8th July 2011. The first  correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of  The Chambers Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by Chambers.