A Literary Round by Dysart

Six thematically linked names must be discovered in the grid. One is out of place and must be replaced by another name. The relevance of the replacement, albeit a literary intruder, will emerge following another discovery, when an unchecked letter elsewhere in the grid is changed. Grid changes result in real words, including a proper noun. All seven discoveries must be highlighted (42 letters).

6    One thousand out of work carrying gas for autocrats (8)
12    Fruit cultivation – it never ends (6)
13    Colouring front of tower for set by Italian river (7)
15    Ray exits behind deserted tree (4)
17    Bit of trivial gossip amongst hands in police station (6)
18    Lincoln’s man over there occasionally jolly (6)
19    Town's port. Capital? No (5)
20    Dead grain trader? Dancer's been arrested by soldiers (7)
22    William's calling for haste in flood (4)
23    Tropical plant needing a lot of liquid shortly (3)
24    Tell knight to advance at a slow pace (5)
25    A planet's initial appearance, at first during time of Christian festivals (6)
28    Greek moon goddess riding on back of tiger (6)
30    Reject turns to an outcast (5)
33    Bohemian having no heart to cosy up to cheat (3)
34    Stream of water in Alabama's shelters (4)
38    Failure getting endlessly stronger played with a partner (7)
39    Time to visit girls creating opportunities for William perhaps (5)
41    Increasingly disappointed and surely forsaken (6)
43    Leaves fall lightly into empty crates (6)
45    Wingers north of the border pass over (4)
46    Indians on stage spurning tango in favour of English dance  (7)
47    Bawdy pilgrim changing money for the local sucker  (6)
48 A bit of groping between unmarried men and women – last stages before mating? (8)

1    Scoundrel caging Australian's dog, or an Irish animal maybe (6)
2    Bob's collecting timber rafters, originally he was a kitchen employee (7)
3    Outspoken noble boxes pieces of headgear (6)
4    Indian perhaps failing one advanced yogic position (5)
5    Note on rampant gas: its light is not constant (4)
7    Take in Capuchin's robe (4)
8    Bradman’s out! This will make some buoyant (7)
9    Mancini finally composed Moon River, secondly Mercer – the product of bonding (7)
10    Ed's paying heed when lawyer covers difficulty up (6)
11    Dignified Spanish gentleman collects award (5)
14    Great intellect, Asian, declining to stay (5)
16    Hurriedly swallow lump – good for digestion to start with? (6)
21    Early speech praising early English boxing record (5)
23    Diver's business mostly set up on retiring (6)
26    Whizzing around New York, stopped by Kelvin having a look (7)
27    Minister determined to eliminate one form of political infiltration (7)
29    Failed to dispatch force in a new state (7)
31    Inventor, getting drunk after party, toppled (6)
32    Solidly built pick-up hitting college statue (5)
35    Racing driver ignoring a large cycling monk (6)
36    Lay claim to crown of rubies, something worth having around (6)
37    Handling of banger failing when going uphill (5)
40    Poet's ashes, loosely sealed, had gone (5)
42    Doll briefly comes into Kelvin's view – he might make
        a pass with this (4)
44    Writer's term for the trouble that's arising (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format indicating the highlighted discoveries,  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before the 8th March 2016.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.