The Listener Crossword "No. 3"


Our Crossword Puzzle No. 3

An Indian Crossword

As an inducement to our readers to apply their intelligences to the Indian Crossword printed below, we offer a prize of Three Guineas to be divided among readers who send in correct solutions before April 23. Solutions should be addressed to The Editor, THE LISTENER, Savoy Hill, W.C.2, and bear the word 'Crossword' across the top left-hand corner of the envelope. The Editor cannot enter into correspondence on the subject of the puzzles.


1. Hunted in India.
5. A town in the Punjab near Delhi.
6. Site of an old town in Malabar.
9. A railway junction between Lahore and Delhi.
12. A once famous island town in the State of Mysore.
19. A collection of native States under the supervision of an agent resident at Indore (three words).
26. The native name of Persia originally applied to part of India.
29. A town in Central India near Jubbulpore.
31. A dak bungalow on the way to Kashmir.
32. An exclamation.
33. A railway junction in the Central Provinces.
34. An Indian tree.
35. Steps down to a river.
36. A not infrequent occurrence in India.
37. A town in Baltistan (an h has been added to the ordinary spelling).
39. Junction for Dehra Dun.
42. India's greatest neighbour.
43. The name of a town in Sind.
45. Insert an A and this is what every Indian servant looks forward to.
46. Part of 7 down.
48. A fairly frequent phenomenon in India, esp. in the 'cold weather'.
50. A place in the hills of Ceylon.
52. Add two letters and you get a welcome sound which Lucknow heard in 1857.
54. A familiar military cart.
55. A rest house.
56. A small coin.
57. A great part of Rajputana is this.
58. A large number.
60. A resin.
62. A fairly common termination of Indian names.
64. Treacherous in India as many flyers have found.
65. Some think that India can never be this.
1. A famous pass in Baluchistan.
2. An exclamation.
3. Army Temperance Association.
4. A well-known inlet of the Arabian sea.
5. Second half of the name of a well-known railway terminus.
6. A district in Southern India.
7. A treatise forming part of the Vedas.
8. Indians distinguished themselves at this siege.
9. A small Indian weight.
10. You will find this in forts in India.
11. A title of honour.
12. First part of the name of a famous Indian regiment of horse.
13. Hindustani for 'that much'.
14. Hindustani for 'cupboard'.
15. Transfer the last two letters and add 'u' and you get the name of a dish made of chicken.
16. Termination meaning meadow.
17. A town in Assam.
18. A capital of the Moghul Empire for many years.
20. A town in the Punjab famous for its engineering college.
21. A peak in the Himalayas, 26,825 feet high.
22. Possible initials of a telegraph company.
23. A title meaning a minor ruler.
24. Hindustani for four.
25. A tributary of the Brahmaputra.
28. A junction on the East Indian railway.
30. A town in the U.P. with an anomalous name.
38. A cantonment in the Himalayas famous for an earthquake.
40. Hindustani for 'black'.
41. An Indian Governor.
44. Hindustani for 'red'.
49. An Indian State.
51. First two letters of a flower found on the Dal lake in Kashmir.
52. A Frontier cantonment.
53. The King Emperor.
59. A 100 of 58 across.
63. We turn to 42 across for this name for a district or circuit.