The Listener Crossword "No. 2"


Our Crossword Puzzle No. 2

A 'Scientific' Crossword

This week we give the second of series of crosswords designed for the amusement of our readers. No prizes will be offered, but any reader who sends to us, within a week of publication, the correct solution of any of our crosswords, will be entitled to an invitation to visit the B.B.C. Studios on certain afternoons. Application must be made to us for such invitations by those who are entitled to them. All solutions should be addressed to The Editor, THE LISTENER, Savoy Hill, W.C.2, and bear the word 'Crossword' and its number across the top left-hand corner of the envelope. The Editor cannot enter into correspondence on the subject of the puzzles. The names of readers who have correctly solved the crosswords will be published in THE LISTENER in so far as space permits.

1. When is an element not an element? When it's an ...
8. If the chemical compound represented by these symbols existed it would be cyanate of potassium.
12. A term common in electricity.
13. Chemical suffix denoting a hydrocarbon of the paraffin series.
14. A four-sided geometric figure.
15. Two letters that suggest a musical comedy song, popular before the war.
16. An adjective denoting position in an earthquake.
20. A substance used extensively in photography.
21. Initials often seen on the countryside.
22. Most scientists are literally this but Clerk Maxwell was an exception.
24. Latin for ochre.
25. Science made possible the development of this in the late War.
26. A legal verb denoting the exercise of a 'squatter's right'.
29. When you write an I.O.U. ...
30. A little more than half a duck.
31. River or goddess.
32. Exactly half a foot.
33. Irish or provincial English for juice.
34. An implement for writing.
36. To pour out molten metal from a crucible.
37. Dry.
38. 'A ... had been a treasure trove' (Browning).
39. An insect like a dragon-fly.
1. A covering.
2. A basic volcanic rock.
3. Anagram of an adjective used in architecture.
4. Useful in the laboratory.
5. Denotes the origin of a person.
6. A mechanical fastening, reversed.
7. Most scientists can exercise this privilege.
8. A bleaching-vat.
9. Lowest point (astronomical term).
10. A small claw.
11. Molluscs with tentacled heads.
17. An alkali-metal.
18. Famous pottery.
19. The negation of a scientist.
21. Welcome letters even to a scientist.
23. An old term for a point of the compass.
26. An important part of a mammal.
27. The soul of a deceased ancestor.
28. An apron of beads.
35. A waterfall.