The first of the weekly series of Listener Crosswords


Our Crossword Puzzle No. 1

A Musical Crossword

This week we start a series of crosswords for the amusement of our readers. No prizes will be offered, but any reader who sends to us, within a week of publication, the correct solution of any of our crosswords, will be entitled to an invitation to visit the B.B.C. Studios on certain afternoons. Application must be made to us for such invitations by those who are entitled to them. All solutions should be addressed to The Editor, THE LISTENER, Savoy Hill, W.C.2, and bear the word 'Crossword' and its number across the top left-hand corner of the envelope. The Editor cannot enter into correspondence on the subject of the puzzles. The names of readers who have correctly solved the crosswords will be published in THE LISTENER in so far as space permits.

1. Spanish for aubade.
9. Musicians who possess this will draw the crowds.
11. The parent of the sonata.
12. This music often figures in the broadcast programmes.
14. An opera by a Russian composer.
15. An English composer of anthems.
16. Quickly.
17. A semibreve in Common Time.
22. Singers sometimes have to do this.
23. The initials of a well-known English Musical Society.
24. Often with variations.
27. An opera by Sir Frederic Cowen.
29. Agitatedly.
30. Half of a famous opera.
31. Two parts on one stave.
32. An orchestra would be at sea without these.
24. For nine voices or instruments.
35. Initials of a musical society.
1. The title of a ballad published before the war.
2. Caressingly.
3. An opera by Balfe.
4. Anagram of old English word for a barrel-organ.
5. A living composer.
6. A major.
7. An English composer.
8. Add three letters and this becomes a famous example of 12 across.
10. Popular at Covent Garden.
13. A non-musical term that might well sum up much of modern music.
18. The hero of one of Plato's myths.
19. Anagram of name of well-known promoter of concerts.
20. A flute-player who taught at Brussels.
21. Conductor of a London choir.
25. Anagram of name of a baritone who first broadcast from Manchester.
26. The Paris Conservatoire stands in this.
28. First word of a famous Lenten hymn.
29. Last three letters of Christian name of a great composer.
32. Initials of a paper famous for its musical criticism.
33. A French word that is hardly ever stressed in a song.

Solution to this Puzzle