Leads by Hoot

The wordplay in each clue generates a superfluous letter. These letters, read in clue order, indicate how the unclued perimeter can be filled. One name (14 cells) is to be highlighted in the finished grid.

  5 Apply for Social Security using email initially (3)
  8 Rowed and separated when start of partnership became ordinary (5)
  11 Split second of inspiration occurred during study (4)        
  13 Without hesitation, gossip about us (3)            
  14 Herd, nearly all of those furthest away (7)              
  15 A lorry load of repair tickets (5)                  
  16 Drinks blood near troubled European saint (9)         
  18 Soldier stabs Horne perhaps, left of the spleen (6)        
  21 I left part of Venice to get an old viola (4)             
  22 I alone in the heart of a poet (4)                 
  23 Not special, smallish, nobbled and hobbling (6)        
  25 Article of copper, half finished, even with aluminium it was not malleable (9)
  29 Son is not a Jew, backing practitioners of Hindu philosophy (5)
  30 Heart of a goat for example, not new, was misshapen like an egg (7)   
  32 Bloke endlessly snorts like a pig (3)                  
  33 There is nothing inside many Glaswegian ovens (4)        
  34 Increased opportunity north of the border, look into it (5)      
  35 Swindling lender hides inside information (3)       
 1 I occasionally enter stars’ sporting events (5)
 2 Knight, headless, moves back and forth and serves long ago (4)
 3 A promise of commitment concerning love (5)
 4 Tenses up when gentleman enters southern portico (7)
 6 Livid fellow leaves with old wild ox (4)
 7 Take all the males away, lament after one of them (5)
 8 Insect expert has time after unusual donations (9)
 9 Esteemable turncoat and legend (7)
 10 Polite mingling with upper class in a boat (6)
 12 In Vietnam a song, a group of musicians, and a  dance for one (9)
 17 Enchantments in Kansas relating to 70’s rock and movements in a raga (7)   
 19 Ooh no! It’s terrible indeed! (7)
 20 That man, an old swindler, in the writ of execution (6)
 24 Pain of a migraine returns in part to Pierre, my goodness! (5 two words)
 26 German with cash in Sweden and Austria once, very small amounts (5)
 27 Old note in a warehouse in Los Angeles (5)
 28 Language used by Scottish race in the 16th century (4)
 31 Queen Victoria holds little slack (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the highlighted name and the perimeter to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th June 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.