Last Word by Chalicea


The shaded cells evoke the last six lines of a very popular song. Three of the lines are presented cryptically. Solvers must write the last word (5 letters) below the grid.

    6    Stimulating tea to consume in Holyrood in retrospect (3)
    7    Moves unsteadily round in swinging motion (4)
    8    American fellow seduced by old English instrument (4)
    10    Eccentric Latino from time to time with German addiction to work (9)
    11    Native of Azerbaijan curiously discovered in Zaire (5)
    12    Address supplication, we're told, for victim (4)
    16    Rushes around little primate used in medical research (6)
    18    Objections about piece of leftover cigarette, for example (4)
    19    Mischievous and foul, back to front (4)
    22    Compose, once, conclusion with unusual tie (6)
    23    Insistent but not good stinging (5)
    24    Of mythological texts journalist and police investigation department turned over (5)
    26    Foie-gras pickle contains this savoury jelly (5)
    29    Corded cloth mostly came into being for brief copies (6)
    31    Strangely pale, T-shaped old flappy modes of covering (11)
    33    Logic involving hapless hero or having an excess of words (11)
    1    On the radio overacts a glottal stop (6)
    2    Person who employs dodgy ruse (4)
    3    Ugly old crone we're told, in hole in a Yorkshire bog (4)
    4    Sex-appeal of African uncle with extremes of polish (5)
    5    Spanish gentleman put up roof gutters in Glasgow (5)
    9    Violently frenzied, out of control, naked on Channel island (8)
    13    Poet's slaughtered young goat, securing bit of lunch (4)
    14    Related to resistance, stomaching in a ferment without unwonted angst (5)
    15    Fashion upset by beginning of trend with close-cut hair (4)
    17    Poet's to try to equal English person renowned for stubbornness (5)
    20    Partly conserved ancient holy text (4)
    21    With no restraints, fans know period of time (4)
    25    Japan not beginning to produce winning score in Judo (5)
    27    Flavoured with aromatic herb, say, including touch of garlic (4)
    28    Fish caught with roe newly formed (4)
    30    Weed in the sea rising (4)
    32    Rustic gear-cutting tool (3)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format giving the unclued entries and the last word to before 8th July 2019. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book  donated by the Crossword Centre..