Plain Puzzle by Kripke

   1   Rude lady whipping out a pair in a flash (7)
   5   Love is number one commitment (7)
   9   Little ball’s let loose during play with a friend on rope walk (11)
10   Episode of Parenthood, last in a long running series (3)
11   Covering fencing in German could be an uphill struggle (6)
12   Current affairs show casts a glad eye on big city in review (8)
14   Decoration outside ruined as roofing’s knocked down (5,3,1,4)
17   You might find a groom in a rig I designed (7,6)
21   Machinist works round cobblers (8)
23   O, I’m one of many set to dazzle in a glitzy ball-gown! (6)
25   Rating Côte d’Azur consistently (3)
26   Anne’s ignoring a rule on high zip wire being the one to take purse (5-6)
27   Short story with unknown time setting (7)
28   Mount that soared up as e.g. rocky sierra (7)
   1   Recycle boxes following raffle (6)
   2   Bat first scoring 0?  Bell does this becoming unsettled (7)
   3   It’s hard breaking in tandem - and inglorious (9)
   4   Second person’s long gone by the sound of it (4)
   5   Ollie may be carried out on this having suffered a bad stroke (10)
   6   Loose head in RU game quits (5)
   7   Fruit with zest, fruit that’s peeled (7)
   8   Vacation’s cut short in Split yet go for study of customs  (8)
13   Land manager in problems heartlessly on returning film (10)
15   Epiphany’s what might follow a funeral having drunk gin around noon... (9)
16   ...I doubt gin cost a bundle (8)
18   Commit offence in old vehicle that’s exceeded the limit (7)
19   Lizards I shoot around Australia are special (7)
20   Woman adopting new son takes Charlie (6)
22   Large lantern left to the end, it closes sale (5)
24   Mock’s almost completed, with Q17 what’s 16, 4 x 4? (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format to before the 8th October 2013.  The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a copy of the Chambers Crossword Dictionary which has been donated by Chambers.