June Journey by eXternal

Wordplay in each clue gives the answer with a misprinted letter, forming the entry. Each set of correct and incorrect letters in clue order spells out three locations on a journey. In the final grid, solvers must highlight four cells in a vertical line and add some shading in two nearby cells to represent what was received en route to the destination, which must also be highlighted (12 cells in a straight line).

1 Suffering in being empty staying at health resort (6)
6 Characters seen in Bondi’s Australian sporting event (6)
12 Convey exotic river plants to east of Turkey (9)
13Father turned weapon aside (5)
14 Regularly picked up leak on little old bucket (6)
15 Wet overlooking area resembling port? (4)
16 Loved ones are united dividing spoils (6)
17 Diner’s made spaghetti recipe that’s appropriate (7, two words)
18 Introduces second US president, not the third (4)
21 Universal joy being around one less attractive (6)
23 Enters church caught between good and evil (6, two words)
27 Violent pain no good after pub (4)
29 Adult underwear not totally expensive wore down (7)
31 Flogged everything antique in possession of star (6)
32 Commander’s silver chair oddly scratched (4)
33 Person making amends immediately putting cape back (6)
34 Discontented bohemians against meat (5)
35 Half-turn from that man feeding volume to small child (9)
36 Eagerly desire and like shave (6)
37 Son in Calais hiding case of unlawful guns (6)

2 Place nail over S American plant (6)
3 Maybe Shearer’s correct to snub family members (8)
4 Near insane, Yankee’s unsettled state (6)
5 Pursuit around loch on boat (7)
7 Troy engineer ambitious taking out makeshift boat (5)
8 Winding courses of ship bearing friend taking in tour on vacation (7)
9 Removing all covers, sure slimy bed is free from sticky stuff (6)
10 Served up cereal for male animal (4)
11 Previously avoiding an upset group (6)
19 Bill involved in excavation with Greek character finds ancient rulers (8)
20 Excellent drink thus made upright reproductive organs (7)
21 Pull down unusually bountiful bar to rent (7)
22 European further downing gallons and relaxing (6)
24 Greek serfs having revolutionary uprising ready (6)
25 Current sailors on Bute mostly ordered Scottish drink (6, two words)
26 Fix base of house in midst of wind (6)
28 Ingenious extracting inferior earth in local hillside (5)
30 Weaver bird put article beneath overturned dry grass (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format describing the highlighting and shading to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th July 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.