Juggling Jellyfish by Chiffchaff

There is an extra letter in 31 clues to be removed before solving which, when read in clue order, give a cause for celebration by, amongst others, a character whose name must replace an entry in the completed grid. Six clues consist of wordplay only and together with their corresponding grid entry (to be deduced) make phrases this character has been known to say. The remaining seven clues have a word to be removed before solving, the first letter of which, when read in clue order, spells out two objects to be illustrated; one thematically and one cryptically; each replacing the contents of three cells in the final grid which hint at what to draw. Numbers in brackets refer to grid entries. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended, but does not contain one thematic answer.

    1    Trawler’s first to rig net at sea (7)
    6    Slower new Sierra blocking Buick? (6)
    10    Mutinous cabin boy’s Leander’s dropped for Old Empire (4)
    11    Wanton caress is entertaining finale for such as Bee and Katy (9)
    12    Weary retirees reading from Bible (3)
    13    Wild pike crossing waves (8)
    15    Upset Hook trailing Black and Tan (4)
    16    Most like coral island held by Jake’s final duo in setback (7)
    17    Commission uncovered Henry with smuggled diamonds (6)
    18    “Silver, Silver” from the right in Barmy Army (4)
    20    Orcas flipped over half-destroyed pedalo and scratched rustic (8)
    22    They conceal communist revolutionary in this (6)
    24    Mouth organ backing tenor (4)
    25    American sailor returning Tupi’s call (3)
    27    A lot of hoo-ha over iron collar (8)
    29    Head of Training Board’s to augment college (4)
    31    Short span avoiding what’s hottest and coldest (6)
    32    Lava engulfing big house in Indian pass (7)
    35    Lend one’s home to American (4)
    36    Jonah’s tending border: heads to put in geraniums for prickly customer (8)
    37    Blistering barnacles! That could be scarab this girl originally lost (3)
    38    Flies south to deliver ale intercepted by agents (9)
    39    Knight foregoing hooping old Bacchanal cry (4)
    40    Helmsman initially replacing front of steering apparatus in squall (6)
    41    Flying dustman regularly caught nail (7)
    1    Tie for drawling, flipping German with limp covering up Jewish title (11, two words)
    2    Nude maid on river bank shows bottom (9)
    3    Tonks naughty searat pinching recipe for dressings (8)
    4    Non-professional’s one that swims without ceasing (4)
    5    No limits specified to salvage couple of doubloons in old tin (6)
    6    One to remove palace Queen with no sex appeal (7)
    7    Space on endless Scottish island for Will to raise pup (5)
    8    Marine creature calm when hot sun rises? Arrr – not half! (6, two words)
    9    Third pair of stories about British warships makes money for poet (4)
    14    Scaffolding securing tent (11)
     16    Master cut-throat on vacation swallowing a prawn – Kidd’s own (7)
    19    SS Argo almost spun aground in scene of panic? (9)
    21    Went and spilt rum just made in Edinburgh (8)
    23    Wrongly erases pi in Graeco-Egyptian god’s name (7)
    26    Impotent king quitting traditional idyllic Greek setting for Canada’s Atlantic provinces (6)
    28    Lively Italian danced around Lake India, a natural reservoir in Oz (6)
    30    Oaf leaving broken locker for secretary (5)
    33    Occasionally checked pictures husband put up in Scotland: “Well!”  (4)
    34    Stakes protecting early root (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format describing the completed grid  to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th October 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.