Inwards and Outwards by Vernon

Reading inwards, one following the other, is a set of words. Reading outwards is another set of words.

1  Hair with special highlight (6)
2  King with adder slithering around (6)
3  Fruitcake, male, largely silent, weird (6)
4  Wages of sin? Purify by sacrifice (8)
5  Unpleasant person turning informer repeatedly (6)
6  Humour in show? Empty drollery (6)
7  Amazing: angels do return to some extent (8, two words)
8  Fraud hearing charged pretentious person (5)
9  Fail to observe the rules of the game and withdraw? (6)
10  Strangely well fed or reared on blossom (11)
11  After running wild, do I get a bloomer? (7)
12  Container for vessels that are wide and primarily buoyant, curiously (9, two words)
13  Extremely sentimental if repeated (3)
14  On entering bastard son made a loud noise (6)
15  "Rubbed out" (a euphemism): hotshot died (7)
a  Unconcerned about cold drink that's usually hot (5)
b  After combining, mixture finally flared up (7)
c  The two of them gather round a market stall (5)
d  Violently batter old drum (6)
e  A nasty wet day with endless rain was in store (7)
f  Old giant's head on monster (4)
g  Review mediocre female composer (4)
h  Left-wing friends consistently ignored (3)
i  Returned Will's cool emblem to Cambria (4)
j  Unsettled, drove round borders of Ukraine (7)
k  Wipes out parasites (7)
l  Lord's associate every day, according to Spooner (4)
m  In a revolutionary state, see largely moderate politician (8)
n  Seeker of better value cost cutting (8, two words)
o  Malignly influential newspaper embraces reactionary measure (6)
p  Draft incorrectly? I'm returning first of all, so don't revise anything. Wait! (7)
q  Rests uneasily − meeting of French tarts? (8)
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