Crossword by Hubert Phillips

1 Liver is cooked if within (9)
6 The film director assembles his cast (5)
9 Is this where he risks his bawbees? (5)
10 Approve the red nose? (7)
11 Silver island? (8)
12 A degree for Wendy's nurse? (6)
14 A bob in the bin (5)
15 All change to dace (9)
16 He was more than a half-commission man (2-7)
18 Finland to philatelists (5)
20 Not so good? (6)
21 Make a song about pastry (8)
24 Is this when the dustman calls? (7)
25 They fought for their outraged queen (5)
26 Tackling insects (5)
27 Seens can (4,5)
1 What begat warmer love at the greengrocer's? (9, 6)
2 Principals in print? (7)
3 What is and what might be (5, 3,7)
4 No bird returns in Worcester (5)
5 One is enough for me, said Newman (4)
6 They have their uses near sundry coves (8, 7)
7 'Is thy ------ a dog, that he should do this great thing?' (7)
8 Interpreted by 26 (3, 8, 4)
13 Seen (indistinctly?) where the crab lurks (4)
15 Sagittarius doesn't hesitate (4)
17 Produces, e.g., boils (7)
19 'What is the --------- of Pythagoras concerning wild-fowl?' (Twelfth Night) (7)
22 Four cards in one (5)
23 Her mother has no other island (4)

Introduction to the Penguin Hubert Phillips Crossword Puzzle Book 1955

Hubert Phillips has for sixteen years been Crossword Editor of the News Chronicle, and hundreds more of his puzzles have appeared In other periodicals. He has so far constructed about 5,000 crosswords. most of them cryptic' in character, and all informed by his distinctive brand of humour. Hubert Phillips has, of course, a national reputation in many other fields. His satirical column, 'Dogberry', ran in the News Chronicle for over twenty years. He is the 'sole begetter' of innumerable puzzles, mathematical and inferential, and has republished many of them in book form. He has captained England at contract bridge, and has written a score of books, not only on bridge, but on indoor games generally. He was the theme convener of the Lion and Unicorn Pavilion at the Festival of Britain Exhibition.And he has made many appearances on the air and television. Phillips was born in 1891, read history and economics at Oxford, and began his career, after serving throughout World War 1, as a University lecturer. He is also actively interested in politics, and for four years was Secretary and Adviser to the Liberal Parliamentary Party.