Clues are of four types; 1. Printer's Devilry (PD) - Each clue is a passage from which the printer has removed a hidden answer, closing the gap, taking liberties perhaps, with punctuation and spacing, but not disturbing the order of the remaining letters. Example: "When Custos outdoes Hereward the Waiter with a good clue" (4) Answers SEAT - "When Custos eats out, does he reward the waiter with a good clue?" Each passage, when complete, makes sense. 2. Misprints (M) - One letter is misprinted in the definition part of each clue. 3. Definition and Letter-mixture (DLM) - Each clue (to a suitable present) includes a definition (one word or more) and a mixture of the letters of the required answer, beginning with the beginning or ending with the end of a word in the clue. 4. Right and Left (RL) - Each clue is really two normal clues which stand side by side without overlapping, one for the left-hand, the other for the right-hand space: either may be clued first.
The nine unclued words of the perimeter (starting at square No 25 and reading clockwise) followed by 25 across (2 words) should be added to the title of the puzzle. Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary is recommended.

PD 9. After having a bat, a sandwich in the pub (5)
RL 10/41 Warm and dry, new Scottish iron a long time going over surface (4,4)
M 11. Rather mean miss left him out (8)
DLM 12. Book - well-defined copy Alec Robins presented (12)
DLM 14. Another tie from the Lord's Day Observance Society (4)
DLM 16. Useful set of tyre levers from the door-keeper (5)
PD 17. Before going to bake a powder mixed with water (4)
PD 19. Would an Edward Alan applaud 'The American Dream'? (4)
RL 20/29 Two dogs search for game. Henry, one with blemish, in court by mistake? (8,8)
M 23. Row with superior over matron (4)
DLM 27. Church Magazine from an old fan in Croydon (4)
PD 30. Friend without a match keeps begging fight (4)
M 34. American stage not entirely without a hit (4)
DLM 35. Lots of fruit from a spare - time solver (5)
M36. Alias? Very good Liberal one (4)
PD 37. Being a sly minister passes Laws on a Diet (12)
DLM 40. Something for a rainy day from an actor in Manchester (8)
PD 42. Postmistress tries to pick up a sting stuck to the floor (5)
M 1. Boots race to catch English chick (4)
RL 2/26 A posh sort about to make an impression on entering city with hat that may be raised (8,8)
DLM 3. Some unholy spirit from 'X' in York Minster (4)
M 4. Jovial pest stifling a yawn? (9)
M 5. The bard I love has penetrated the border (6)
M 6. That woman holding a parliamentarian back (6)
RL 7/35 Caller in America displays bird born with one feather (5,5)
DLM 8. Choir-master has sent Edie's recording of 'Abide With Me (4)
DLM 13. Large money order from a newspaper worker (4)
M 15. American skate old one outside held up (5)
PD 18. All the hands in the factory - see - fully employed (4)
PD 21. To avoid a crash a driver musters brakes on (9)
DLM 22. Perimeter puzzle from a privileged setter (4)
PD 24. The Israelite eating Mike's delicious food (5)
DLM 28. 'Make Light of Your Handicap' from Arnold Palmer (4)
DLM 31. Modern Greek puzzle sent from Cairo (6)
PD 32. One involved income, tired after making a fortune (6)
PD 33. 'Are you Alexandra?', dumb Rose Pierce, the critic, asked (6)
M 38. Danger marks in Alabama (4)
PD 39. Did the awkward neighbour four plans for an extension (4)

DR. V. MAGGRUIT will give the letters in the shaded squares. LT. L. CLINTER will give the correct forms of misprinted letters.