Hacked Off by Nutmeg

The unclued entry can no longer be seen at any of the four thematic places whose names run clockwise round the perimeter, starting at square 1. Each clue contains a misprint in the definition part, the correct letters giving lyrically a consequence of the non-appearance. One clued entry which could be a fifth thematic place must be highlighted. Completely unchecked letters in unclued entries could be arranged as CHOO CHOO IN RY SHED
    8    Men with song books that could elevate the fun (6)
    9    A lively one in bed, popular one way and another in S Africa (6)
    10    Flying kite, nerd played in small bay (8)
    12    Like Shaw, maybe, knocking back drink (5)
    13    Took a small trap, one that's fixed externally (7)
    15    Royal tea presented differently, depending on fare (8)
    16    Player needs another night to accomplish such a score (7)
    18    Runs away from battles and shelters in remote parts (6)
    19    Troops organised refreshment of brunch (6)
    21    Little finger split piercing through card (7, two words)
    24    Possibly add fours to 50 during time at wicket (8)
    27    Compound typo - Nutmeg needs someone to apply discipline (7)
    29    One of two needed to strike object with force for days (5)
    30    Flap about, cutting tip for small sub order? (8)
    31    Slander against English officer featured in second half of case (6)
    32    Adult brought in feed around noon for goat (6)
    1    King Charles with current queen, one producing sons (5)
    2    New life injected into Chinese daily (6, two words)
    3    Star's in need of good roadies in the Orient (5)
    4    Hordes drawn in by this bizarre trial with anonymous participant (6)
    5    Organic farmer's banked this small egg payment (7)
    6    Crooked firms, one locally with revolutionary in charge (4)
    7    Player's ball is found in pond (6)
    11    The elderly tell folk I housed in tents to move (6)
    14    Working party leads to nominee arranging hunger march in Asia (6)
    17    Commander supporting Troy bored by dull parts of myths, etc (7)
    20    In emulation of Times, helping to make rival envious (6, two words)
    22    You don't spy on anyone taking your side (6)
    23    Fewer likely to use this bland fencing at home (6)
    25    Preferring to avoid city on return trips, say (5)
    26    Sportsman's job as part of seaside act (5)
    28    Mounted police arresting last of French, now us (4)
To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format indicating clearly the perimeter and highlighted entry, to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before the 8th September 2016.The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range which has been donated by Chambers.