A Good One by Hawk

Corrections to single misprints in 36 clues spell out a literary challenge and its source. Clashing letters in three cells can form obstacles which, in the order they are approached, are of lengths (9), (10, two words) and (10, two words), ignoring one article. Solvers must replace each of these with an appropriate OS map symbol. Solvers must then highlight start and finish locations and a path from one to the other using cells touching at sides (32 cells in total). Solvers should take advice from either of two helpful organizations. Numbers indicate the length of grid entries. The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary source.

1    Does poorly after accompanist's treated (8)
7    Star fruit trees abound (4)
10    Greek nymph briefly goes back after a coloured hat (7)
11    Alice from Digital Archives identifies Latin bible (5)
13    AC/DC getting Queen in for Asian money, in dual arrangement (8)
14    Back before church recitation concerning heralds (5)
15    Oracle's help in holy bishop's return (5)
16    Arcade adaptation's losing director, not producer (5)
17    Varieties of wild celery: herbs with old beetle infestation (6)
19    It's found in some bulls, newly born but not fed (4)
20    Antique blank panel's located at centre of wall bracket, having first removed wire (3)
22    Better stock trader overshadows Chancellor of the Exchequer (5)
26    Henry's initially knowledgeable in bulk supplying fruit tree (5)
28    Pains could be resulting from incomplete cure (3)
29    Spartan in cell to break down walls and run (4)
31    Dammed Welsh river, and energy produced within two days (6)
34    Married for Wally's rare dialect (5)
35    Print worker's largely foxed these days by script (5)
37    Dutch energy department's after space saving tips (5)
38    Liberally drain most of node that's become pustulant (8)
39    Those who could play Pergolesi's Serpina in endless battle (5)
40    Change course that's occupying entire roster (7)
41    All too often economic enterprise ends making only one dime (4)
42    Women locked us out of giant subscription boxes (8)
1    Refuse stored in unfinished bar where a Hockney could hang (7)
2    Item features Cambridge-based examination board: one in the eye for the Scots (6)
3    Short copper trails parish upstart (7)
4    A sweep could be attached to this gun I fear capturing (7, two words)
5    Animating the heart of one's lost life in, say, sandwiches (5)
6    Pops out for the day (4)
7    Strong current takes a life (5)
8    Clipping relayed in jungle: it could change the course of radio (6)
9    Dunces in Britain foregoing utmost efforts (5)
12    Satisfactory rating at first for fortune teller in the east (5)
13    Entertainment gathering pens comedy skit (6)
18     Ended up being wealthy, essentially, with breeding, essentially (6)
21    Fritter's meeting bananas (7)
23    Dressing trick enthralls former SS leader (7)
24    Dreams decapitated person represents the whole world (5)
25    Nationalized haulier carrying fish, cut stone and sinks (7)
27    Go beyond ordinary flu, as before (6)
30    Riding east, note mountain plant higher up (6)
31    Turn on waterworks to treat hedges and crops (5)
32    Weapon, though concealed by punk heading off in the other direction (5)
33    Spender's hurt with costly surcharge, ultimately (5)
36    Boldly faced scrape with Glasgow thug after first sign of bullying (4)

To enter this competition, send your entry as an image or in list format including the highlighted locations and the path, to ccpuzzles@talktalk.net before 8th December 2021. The first correct entry drawn from the hat will receive a book from the Chambers range, which has been donated by Chambers.