4111 News Quiz by Stan

This was a nice puzzle from Stan. The correct letters in misprints gave a quiz question, “Can you name the most N, E, S and W states of the USA?” Gregson supposes that this is a trick question. Hawaii is the most southerly state and Alaska the most northerly. However, if you include the Aleutian Islands, Alaska is also the most westerly and easterly! The Aleutian Islands actually extend beyond the 180° line of longitude. The jumbled answers were in the top and bottom rows, where the solver could highlight AL AS KA and HAWAII, suitably situated in the grid, and resolving the possible ambiguity in entering the jumbles. Also hidden in the grid were the words PACIFIC OCEAN.

The correct forms of misprinted words are shown in [ ]
1 Danger from sickness when head of laryngology gets promotion (4)
ALMA  [Dancer] A + MAL with L(aryngology) moved to the front
4 Without hitch, puréed chickpeas can be used to ease swelling (8)
ICE-PACKS [aitch] Anagram CHICKPEAS less H (aitch)
10 Virgil’s enthusiastic about new introduction to Aeneid (7)
MADONNA [Virgin] MAD + ON + N + A(eneid)
12 Block in the near village (5)
ANVIL [nean] Hidden
13 Language, politically correct, saw return of Channel Islands (7)
P-CELTIC [sow] PC + ELT (sow) + IC reversed
14 Horse nearly had backing for decoration (6)
DOODAH [house] DOO(r) + HAD reversed
15 Rude Lothario’s run away, trembling (6)
ASHAKE [rune] ASH + (r)AKE less R (run)
16 In short, detailed description is simple — not half! (4)
SPEC [sample] SPEC(imen)
19 Act with virtue if second of crimes involved the taking of glass (12)
VITRIFACTURE [making] Anagram ACT + VIRTUE + IF + (c)R(imes)
21 Notice about Scots sound abuse now returning is to be considered again (12, two words)
27 Unionist also having left first after opening of assembly hall (4)
AULA [alto] A (alto) + U (Unionist) + L + A(ssembly)
29 Dire bumbling about bard is tedious in Burns country (6)
DREICH [hard] Anagram DIRE + C (about) + H (hard)
30 During improvised set, leader of combo banned sax (6)
INCEST [sex] IN + C(ombo) in Anagram SET
31 With blockage receding, French drove in an extreme manner (7)
MAJORLY [drome] JAM reversed + ORLY
32 Blake in Ireland mixed up one and one (5)
AIDAN [bloke] Anagram A + AND + I
33 Feeling more active is about wobbly legs (7)
ALGESIS [sore] Anagram LEGS in A (active) + IS
34 Fool was back after taste of cranberry preserve from Scotland (8)
CHAINSAW [tool] C(ranberry) + HAIN + WAS reversed
35 Argot once getting international recognition to start with, finally lost direction in Glasgow (4)
AIRT [argon] A (argon) + I + R(ecognition) + (los)T
1 Singer furious after aria — alto recalled average tenor (8)
AMADAVAT [area] A + MAD + A + AV reversed + T (tenor)
2 Wild hordes can be caught with the help of these mad zealots lacking extremes of taste (5)
LAZOS [horses] Anagram ZEALOTS less T(ast)E
3 Confuse me with dry start to exciting recipe (6)
MOIDER [day] MOI + D (day) + E(xciting) + R
5 Once warm tea with fire inside still (7)
ENCHAFE [fine] CHA + F in ENE
6 Each year drop old one ... (5)
PAEAN [ode] PA (per annum) + EAN
7 ... because I start to need temperature boiler perhaps (6, two words)
IN THAT [bowler] I + N(eed) + T + HAT
8 Panto lacking start of narrative loses us — an unfortunate turn of events in Tinseltown (6)
KICKER [pants] KNICKERS less N(arrative) and ‘S
9 Look easy after accepted drug (4)
ALOE [east] A + LO + E
11 Editor shocked about photographer’s lewd focal measurement (7)
DIOPTRE [lead] P(hotographer) in Anagram EDITOR
12 Primordial soup contains goo (4)
ALSO [too] Hidden
17 Officially approve accepting university data showing limited growth (7)
BUDLESS [date] U + D in BLESS
18 One who reads script raised bit — act’s finale — after show (8)
DEMOTIST [sit] DEMO + SIT reversed + (ac)T
20 Befuddled Royal Mail loses my bracelet (7)
ARMILLA [oy] Anagram ROYAL MAIL less OY
22 Skin gathered back around entrance to mouth (6)
DERMIS [fathered] M(outh) in SIRED reversed
23 Prophet the Spanish pilgrim reveres (6)
ELIJAH [reverts] EL + HAJI reversed
24 Unravel clue in pubs (6)
NUCLEI [hubs] Anagram CLUE IN
25 Imago leads to insect’s change of nature (4)
ICON [image] Initial Letters Insect’s Change Of Nature
26 Scots twist the local creel (5)
THRAW [cruel] TH’ + RAW
28 For instance, note king’s not in the pack (5)
ASTIR [sack] AS + TI + R (king)
29 Valley with a sheltered cove (4)
DEAN [cave] A in DEN