4084 Oh Yes It Does! by BeRo

BeRo gave us a clever puzzle based on a TS Eliot quotation from East Coker (Four Quartets). The clues consisted of four intermingled sets of ten; the solver had to deduce which clues belonged to which set. The extra letters, omitted letters, misprints and initial letters, in clue order,  spelled – AN INTOLERABLE WRESTLE WITH WORDS AND MEANINGS. This was an extract from the lines –

A periphrastic study in a worn-out poetical fashion,
Leaving one still with the intolerable wrestle
With words and meanings. The poetry does not matter.

The last five words had to be written below the grid and the title was contradicting this statement. In the grid solvers had to find and highlight a ten-letter word suggested by the first line. The word EXPRESSION could be found in a symmetrical circle; periphrasis can be defined as a roundabout expression!

Extra letter, omitted letters and misprints are shown in [ ]

1 Full house among spades in pocket (6, two words)
SHUT IN [fAll] HUT in S (spades) + IN
6 Damn builder's support? Have to block it (6)
BEAVER ‘VE (have) in BEAR
11 It's coarse sugar in container of tea (7)
12 Silk that's this backing as will finally be ... (5)
TULLE UT [thUs] reversed + ‘LL + (b)E
13 ... the roughened base, quite airy (8)
ETHEREAL Anagram THE + E (base) + REAL
14 One's diagrammatic representation - couple of notes on amp to vary (6)
ECOMAP EC (notes) + O’ (on) + Anagram AMP
15 Least German subject in Nazi corps, back after second to vouch (4)
OSSI [L]East German – (v)O(uch) + I (in) + SS reversed
16 PT exercising: ouch! (4)
CHOU [pEt] Anagram OUCH
18 Change with gas, argon replacing carbon in waxy paste (6)
AERATE [chaRge with gas] CERATE changing C to A (argon)
20 A fragrant genus of fairy a pianist has embraced (8)
HESPERIS PERI in HESS (ref Myra Hess?)
24 Bless adhesive fixing nick on St (8)
NONSTICK [B] less adhesive – Anagram NICK ON ST
27 Reader to stop nice show where bits from Wise ain't (6)
HONCHO [Leader] HO (stop) + NiCe sHOw less anagram WISE
28 Backtracking French lawyer's not forgotten fine (4)
VANE [fin(E)] AV (avocat) reversed + NE
30 Teasing rant with hiccup preventing good line (4)
ITCH [Want] GLITCH less G (good) + L (line)
32 Hart, black, about to be chased by people of fashion (6)
BRETON [ha(R)t] B + RE + TON
34 Again comb out concerning Uncle Reg with passion (8)
REEMERGE [again comE out] RE + EME + Anagram REG
35 Support turned before old haft (5)
ARBOR [Shaft] BRA reversed + OR (before)
36 Tiny opening is too little when empty - daft! (7)
OSTIOLE Anagram IS TOO +L(ittl)E
37 Louisianan dance music - crazy decor holds fast (6)
38 Adjusted as typo's important part increased 10x at last (6)
KERNED [adjusted as typE] KERNEL changing L (50) to D (500)
1 Sway about after letter's received in quiet (6)
SPEECH [s(W)ay]
2 HP etc? How suspicious, with no charge to be covered by it! (5)
HANCH [hIp etc?] NC (no charge) in HAH
3 Release from ether, perhaps one John's without (8)
UNLOOSEN [from Tether] UN (one) + LOO + SEN (without)
4 Hundred and sixty of old money Scots pour out (4)
TOOM T (160) + O (old) + O (of) + M (money)
5 Tool for cutting hard snob in charge with each returning ex (6, two words)
ICE AXE [... snoW] IC  + EA (each) + EX reversed
6 One from Gulf State, Arab in his unfinished wrecks (8)
7 Rodin's term after his summer one with great statue (4)
ETEN [with great statuRe] ETE + (Rodi)N
8 Awn germs from any unusual rushes; other reeds affected, too (6)
AURORA [Dawn] initial letters
9 Sable to recover from Castile hunting (7)
ELASTIC [(S)able to recover]
10 Id in danger that is fine with relative fronting (6)
RELIEF [Aid] REL + IE + F (fine)
17 Couple of grubs we duplicated, one sometimes taken to neat (8)
GROO-GROO GR (first two letters) + OO (we) twice
19 Dart in flight, amateur way, not one to beat (8)
AVIATION [(D)art in flight] A + VIA + Anagram NOT I
21 Mesotherapy rejecting mobile hospital and apothecary's secret doctrine (7)
22 Gather in a zone win (6)
SHIRAZ [winE] SHIR + A Z (zone)
23 American of broken home, led by us, see (6)
SCHMOE [oAf] ‘S (us) + C (see) + Anagram HOME
25 New ruse by the heartless foreign CID (6)
SÛRETÉ Anagram RUSE + T(h)E
26 Used Pole to clear Dutch men's names (6)
KENTED [... to clear dItch] KEN + TED (men’s names)
29 Acne, maybe on back: old injury forgetting first of aims (5)
NOBLE [av(N)e] ON reversed + BALE less A(ims)
31 Perhaps Herman's vehicle leads among entries racing in Monaco (4)
MERC [German’s vehicle] E(ntries) + R(acing) in MC
33 "Decent title" from record company at opening of roadshow (4)
EMIR [deScent title) EMI containing R(oadshow)