4065 X by Pilcrow

With its large grid and only a few clues this was a daunting prospect for the solver. Pilcrow had designed a formidable puzzle. The correct letters in misprints spelt PERFECT SYMMETRY. This was the clue to how to enter the words. Each word had to be entered four times, each set of answers being placed symmetrically in 90 degree orientation. This was possible as C turned 90 degrees acted as a U, N as a Z and vice versa.

Misprints and corrections are shown in [ ]

Extraordinary personality I almost get moving about
One with [n]ieces scored Little Mass after rewriting more than half of libretto
BERLIOZ [pieces] Anagram LIBRE(tto) + OZ (ounce)
Clergyman handling first-class rod[s] on the Tay
RAID [rode] AI in RD (rural dean)
Ma[s]k with ochre in atomized mist
SMIT [mark] Anagram MIST
Effect of [d]our players on one pitch, following umpire's initial retraction of "not out" error
UNISON [four] U(mpire) + NO + SIN reversed
Failing to s[u]e peacekeepers, refusing to kill
UNNOTICING [see] UN + NOT ICING (killing)
In[v]ite Henry, accompanied by grandchild
HOY [incite] H + OY
Obtain resolution of Uranus and rings, without [f]ail
ANOUROUS [without tail] Anagram URANUS + OO (rings)
Creature from distant pa[r]t of Colombia, short-haired, enthralling academic
CONODONT [past] CO (Colombia) + DON in NOT
In the end, must mostly quiet person b[e] Speaker?
THIS [by] (mus)T
Control Sa[k]i's rare beast
REIN [Sami’s] 2 definitions
Slu[r]p half of China tea, hot, drinking loudly at first
SLOUCH [slump] L(oudly) in SOUC(hong) + H (hot)
Dictatorial p[a]rson, not half spouting with force (two words)
TIN GOD [person] (spou)TING + OD
[M]ake charge to return incomplete electronic journal by satellite
IONIZE [take] IO (satellite) + E-ZIN(e) reversed
This many [s]evere injuries initiated study
ICON [revere]  I(njuries) + CON
Stuff which makes slipper[s], turning battle completely!
SNOW [slippery] MONS (battle) reversed and upside-down!
Spirit with two additional heads I caught napping
ZIZZING ZING containing ZZ (2 initials of ZING) + I