4056 ROC by Loda

This was a nicely themed puzzle from Loda, although explaining the clues was not an easy task for Gregson. The correct letters in misprints gave a quotation and its author. “I see all the birds are flown” Charles I. The king said this when he arrived at parliament to arrest five conspirators only to discover that they had sensibly departed. In the remaining clues the name of a bird had to be removed before entry. Finally solvers had to discover five five-letter words in the grid. These were five more birds, SCRAY, EGRET, ARIEL, GOOSE and RAVEN situated in V-shapes. When these words were erased and replaced with appropriately shaped curves you were left with an image of five birds flying away. The title is the name of a legendary bird as well as the initials of the Royal Observer Corps.

Thematic elements removed from answers and misprints are shown in [ ]

1 Absence of fixed direction - it leads to some dizziness, men are intense, worried (17)
9 W[a]llow in this river's mouth that is fronting yard (6)
OSIERY [willow] OS (mouth) + IE (that is) + R (river) + Y (yard)
10 Charity in Turkey backs ri[t]e in disgust (6)
REVOLT (rise in disgust] LOVE in TR reversed
12 Ass[o]rting from clear out in dash (9)
DECLARING [asserting] Anagram CLEAR in DING
14 Fit round lead of racing harness by po[s]t (4)
GERE [harness by poet] R(acing) in GEE
15 VI[P], eg intermittently forsakes the rug (4)
THRU [via] TH(E) RU(G) less EG
17 My jumper's flipping wo[o]d! (4)
MOOR [wold] M (my) + ROO reversed
18 Ventral plate - it's by back, close to spine (8)
S[TERN]ITE STERN (back) + IT + (spin)E
20 Painfully sick man rejecting dose of chamomile gets wind (6)
[KA]MSIN Anagram SICK MAN less C(hamomile)
22 Sharp-sighted wife and leading journalist are following hot trail essentially (8)
[HAWK]-EYED H (hot) + (tr)A(il) + W (WIFE) + KEY ED (editor)
23 Vulgar fellows in play raise remainder aboard ship (10)
[JACK]SLAVES JACK (raise) + LAVE in SS (ship)
26 Boxers Journal's in our seedy bar with a number stuffing caps (19, two words)
JUNIOR [BANTAM]WEIGHTS J (journal) + Anagram IN OUR + BAN (bar) + EIGHT (a number) in TAMS (caps)
27 Rant that's [s]ong of French following a score's reversal (6)
TIRADE [ranr that’s long] A RIT (reversed) + DE (of in French)
32 Iron's no good for sof[a] covering (4)
OOSE [soft covering) GOOSE less G (good)
35 You'll find [T]im in Norway, regularly employed by salvage men (4)
SVEN [you’ll find him in Norway) in SalVagE meN regularly
36 Expert's from the east - one might find k[i]no here (4)
RENO [one might find kEno here] ONER reversed
37 After a joint in Bolton the walker has energy for a bit of nooky (12)
KNEE-[TREMBLER] KNEE (A joint) + T’ (northern version of THE) + RAMBLER changing A to E (energy)
39 Company has right to one third for each new cotton bud for inner ear? (7)
CORN-[COB] CO + r + one third of N(ew) CO(tton) B(ud)
40 Clu[e]: not one state reverts (4)
IRON [cluB] NO = RI (Rhode Island) reversed
42 They may keep w[a]res separated in special notebooks (9)
SPREADERS [They may keep wIres separated] SP + READERS
43 Wild rice, including books, is liable to make man [w]ise? (6)
EROTIC [is liable to make man Rise?]
44 Scottish town's An[g]y, Scottish international rugby player (6)
IRVINE [AnDy, Scottish international rugby player] 2 definitions
45 Constable's output perhaps come down to leak by Mal - police trap leading character at last (18)
LAND[SCAPE]-PAINTINGS LAND (come down) + SCAPE (leak) + PAIN (mal)  + STING moving S to the end
1 One poem that's around is do[n]e with something elemental (6)
IODISE [doSe with something elemental]
2 I[n]n's wipes ruined edges of condiment dish (6)
DICHTS [iAn’s wipes] Anagram C(ondimen)T DISH
3 Hu[n]t uranium in a place of trade turned upside down (6)
TRAUMA [huRt] U in A MART reversed
4 Nearly all see gunners make b[l]ast from the forest (4)
EYRA [bEast] EY(e) + RA (gunners)
5 Becoming drunk after knocked-back neat [m]ix with a piece of lime, perhaps (5)
TENON [Fix] NET reversed + ON (becoming drunk)
6 Facial ornament's certainly not mock orange - it's unfinished (8)
7 Wai[f] may accompany its reading - see covering for example (5)
ELEGY [waiL may ...] EG in ELY (see)
8 Fine quality transmitter covers Loch Ness (11)
11 Oil producer's staff without fresh water? (9)
13 Early form of h[i]ckey, perhaps (love being embraced by female) (4)
GOAL [hOckey] O (love) in GAL
16 Helper turns up "Lifestyle Stage of Parasitic [F]orm" (5)
REDIA [Worm] AIDER reversed
17 In this case four assist in delivery of so[w] perhaps (7)
MIDWIVE [ ... of soN] IV (four) is, this case, the middle of  WIVE!
19 Brazilian ban[g]er's penetrating chilli juice (4)
IJUI [banKer (river)] Hidden
21 Seam's centrally deficient f[o]rm (4)
SURE [fIrm] SU(tu)RE (seam) less central letters
23 [G]ot bad fortune? On reflection, somewhat fortuneless (4)
SELE [Not bad fortune] Reversed Hidden
24 Sna[p]s silver things of no worth, wasting time (5)
AGGRO [snaG] AG (silver) + GRO(t) less T (time)
25 Folding over paper money, a form of [d]ollar (4)
ETON [Collar] NOTE reversed
26 Like attendant one enters exam after a month, object (10)
J[ANI]TORIAL   JAN (month) + IT (object) I in ORAL (exam)
28 Cruelly scorned wife removes honour (8)
DE[CROW]NS Anagram SCORNED + W (wife)
29 When travelling, can rut empty conveyance moved by [s]and? (6)
UNCART [...by Hand] Anagram CAN RUT
30 Old measure about to break ground, as shown by this p[i]per (6)
HEREIN [by this pAper] ERE (to plough) in HIN
31 Sue shoved supply round first of open cots (10)
33 A g[l]umpy person therefore needs uplifting (4)
OGRE [gRumpy person] ERGO reversed
34 Is beetle's front c[h]ipped? (5)
SHORN  [cLipped] ‘S + HORN (beetle’s antenna)
35 Fin[d] brown ape is cut (5)
SEPIA [finE brown] Anagram APE IS
38 [B]low up couple at back of picture on the spot (4)
REIN [Slow up] last 2 letters of pictuRE + IN
41 Complication curtailed h[u]nt (3)
NOD [hInt] NOD(i)