4047  Cut Out by Lato

Lato gave us a difficult puzzle with 16 unclued entries. Extra words in 7 clues gave cryptic allusions which allowed the puzzle to be solved with the help of some lateral thinking! The theme was the novels of Charles Dickens and the title referred to 32 SNICKED, an anagram of DICKENS. The references were to single words in the titles.
The anagrams were -
(Pickwick) Papers – SAPPER
(Barnaby) Rudge – URGED
Dombey (and Son) – EMBODY
(Little) Dorrit – TORRID
(A Tale of Two) Cities – ICIEST
Great (Expectations) – TARGE
(Our) Mutual (Friend) – UMLAUT
The associations, indicated by the extra words in 7 clues, were-
biscuit – BATH Oliver (Twist)
presenter – Nicholas PARSONS (Nickleby)
workers – (The Old Curiosity) Shop FLOOR
day – MartinMAS (Chuzzlewit)
retreat – CAMP David (Copperfield)
school – CHARTERhouse – (Bleak House)
conservative DIE-hard (Times)
The last entry was based on the final and unfinished novel, Edwin Drood. An anagram of Droo(d) is DOOR.

Extra words in clues are shown in []
9 Evangelical nurses are for old country (4)
SIAM A (are) in SIM (Simeonite)
10 Place in Norway formed highest point (8)
11 Is returning holding poem on scrolls (6)
SIFREI IF (the poem by Kipling) + RE in is (reversed)
12 Reorganise corps - increase about right (7)
13 Northern beast bit king before being captured (6)
TARAND R (king) + AN (before) in TAD
16 Austria, Turkey, not Spain, worried about a non-trading economy (7)
AUTARKY A (Austria) + Anagram TURKEY less E (Spain) containing A
18 Vehicle reported in boggy ground (4)
CARR Homophone CAR
19 Male [workers] on strike in small port (5)
HITHE HIT (strike) + HE (male)
22 Working overnight to keep control (6)
24 [Presenter] read out letters and card (5)
TEASE Homophone TEES
26 Promiscuous individual gets leg finally over (4)
GOER (le)G + O’ER
27 Knife robber initially arrested – [day] nurse absolved after confession (7)
SHRIVEN R(obber) in SHIV (knife) + EN (nurse)
29 Really tense orderly (5)
TRULY T (tense) + RULY
32 See preamble (7) SNICKED
34 Time in capital for local magistrate (6)
35 Worthless type at back's negligent showing weapon (8)
CURTALAX CUR + AT reversed + LAX (negligent)
36 Missouri welcomes country music fan (4)
37 Good work! That woman's mine (in a small way) (6)
GOPHER G (good) + OP (work) + HER
1 Show [conservative] is heartless, right? (4)
USER USHER less H (hearts)
2 End up holding unit (hypothetical one) (7)
MICELLA AIM (reversed) containing CELL (unit)
3 Prince's money spread around (4)
AMIR M (money) in AIR (spread)
4 Undergoing profound changes, forced don to leave (5, two words)
UP FOR Compound Anagram PROFOUND less DON
5 Can one get upset enjoying success? (4, two words)
IN IT TIN (can) + I (one) all reversed
6 See 20
7 Mean son to join up (5)
SLINK S (son) + LINK
8 It's close, mind (4)
TEND T (it) + END
14 Is coming in overweight - don't eat [biscuit]! (4)
FAST S (is) in FAT
15 Cages with opening missing - that's a mistake (4)
17 Boxer, Pole, back without associate (7)
SPARRER SPAR (pole) + REAR less A (associate)
20,6 African man, maybe bow-warrior, and Scot retreat (7)
IVORIAN IVOR (meaning bow-warrior) + IAN (a Scot)
21 Wish to have state in brief - Nevada (4)
ENVY Homophone NV (abbreviation for Nevada)
23 Discharge in relative comfort (7)
RELEASE REL (relative) + EASE
25 Current rises terrible (4)
EVIL LIVE reversed
28 Sanction stopping hoax? That's claptrap (5)
HOKUM OK (sanction) in HUM
29 [School] book in skip about insecticide (5)
TIMBO B (book) in OMIT reversed
30 Accept a hundred for Kelvin's bit of skirt (4)
TACE TAKE swapping K for C
31 American golfer regularly talked about (4)
DALY Homophone DAILY
33 Part of instruction to reader (3)
PTO PT (part) + O (of)