4021 Mazy by Salamanca
This was an enjoyable puzzle which, in spite of Gregson making good progress with cold-solving many of the clues, seemed to be highly dependent on solving the anagram at 1 down to give a start in the grid. The possible variations of “of/o”, “the/t’/th”, “new/n” and “spider/spider’s”, together with the lack of enumeration, made this a tricky clue. Nevertheless, once started, it was possible to progress steadily, by assuming a direction of entry for each row/column, as indicated by the preamble.

We were told to find the “classical” way in and out of the maze avoiding the “lurker”. MINOTAUR could be seen in the NW-SE diagonal, and so we had to play the part of Theseus by tracing a path into the maze with CORD, ROPE, TWINE, STRING, COTTON and THREAD. This took us to the cell opposite the starting point, avoiding crossing paths with the Minotaur. The way out was, of course, the way we had already come, but in the reverse order.

Starting at 1 Down:
Occupation of the new spider's spinning around one
RESIDENTSHIP Anagram of THE + N (new) + SPIDER’S containing I (one)
Stories collected by some Ghanaians
ANA Hidden in GhANAnians
Learner from German bobsleigh run
LAUF L (Learner) + AUF (German word for “from”)
Fine Irish aircraftman's in charge internally
ERICK ERK (aircraftsman) containing I/C (in charge)
Such chemical compounds are rich sources of minerals
AMINES A (are) _ MINES (rich sources of minerals)
Herb used by unconventional physician on king
MEDICK MEDIC (physician) + K (king)
Old hurt to activate gene with no extra pressure
DERE DEREPRESS (to activate gene), less PRESS (pressure)
Beethoven's 3rd timeless stimulating pieces
EROICA T (time) removed from EROTICA (stimulating pieces)
Pointed ends of non-directional weapons?
ORDS SWORDS (weapons), less S (South) and W (West)
Sweater's wool is rife with this -- it's getting rank with sun
SUINT Anagram of IT + SUN
Banquo, say, not head of guest-list but thrower of banquet
HOST GHOST (Banquo, say) less G (first letter of GUEST-LIST)
Roofed front part that's open, less than surrounding, building
STOEP Anagram of (THAT’S OPEN, minus surrounding THA/N)
A trial is a test without notes
ORDEAL ORAL (ie an oral examination, a test) containing D and E (musical notes)
Poison's not very good but explosive
TNT TAINT (poison), less AI (ie A1, very good)
Flutter put on horse yields money
BAHT BAT (Flutter) containing H (heroin ie horse)
Essential parts for seeing girl in short section of film
RETINAE TINA (a girl) inside REE(L) (ie a section of film, less last letter)
Like runaway soldier base are getting back
AWOL LOW (base) + A (are), all reversed
Firm thumb finally could get air playing here?
MBIRA Anagram of M + B (last letters of FIRM THUMB) + AIR, &lit
Curry accompaniment, something that sustains? Not right but acceptable
PILLAU PILLAR (something that sustains), with R (right) replaced by U (acceptable)
Art of car driving at first is complicated -- and knowledge of all that's involved therewith?
ROADCRAFT Anagram of ART OF CAR D (first letter of DRIVING)
Around peaks, stop using a rope as in the past
SNEB BENS (peaks), reversed
Otomo's anime film with alternative title "One King Interred?"
AKIRA AKA (with alternative title) containing I (one) + R (king)
Curb slumber with bell for the most part
RESTRINGE REST (slumber) + RINGE(R) (ie something which rings, less last letter)
Bird seen in Windsor?
KNOT Two meanings, one coming from “Windsor knot”
Gold mace perhaps is a good sign
AUSPICE AU (Gold) + SPICE (mace, perhaps)
Independent young fox perhaps overturning charm
TIKI I (Independent) + KIT (young fox perhaps), all reversed
Flintstones are located here by live music involving a bit of drumming
BEDROCK BE (live) + ROCK (music) containing D (first letter of DRUMMING)
The reference here is to the cartoon series featuring Fred and Wilma Flintstone, who live in the town of Bedrock
Something on bed heard as ground for play
REC WRECK homophone
“bed” being the seabed
What's to drink has been interfered with formerly from the right
DRAM MARD (old word for “interfered with”)
Not quite raw, not totally red, close to uncooked
Andalusian horse, black one, in local running
CABALLO B (black)| + A (one) inside CALLO (anagram of LOCAL)
Plant brought back for stimulating leaf
SIRI IRIS (plant), reversed
Demon, one with a lasso? That's not right
IMPROPER IMP (demon) + ROPER (one with a lasso)
Old coin of Peru and Italy
PENI PE (Peru) + ‘N’ (and) + I (Italy)
What makes ace pontoon? Specially shaped wood
TENON TEN ON ace makes the hand “Pontoon”, in the card game of the same name
Put off, stuffed again, say, from the rear
DEFER RE-FED (stuffed again)
Salmon swimming, some with shimmering appearance
Light work on a stall that sounds indirect
SUTTLE Homophone SUBTLE (indirect)
The clue has two definitions: “light”, and “work on a stall”
Draws in male fashion accessories
TIES Two meanings
Puts back into the wild Numa set free
At first sign of breakdown car rescue service call is required
BAA B (first letter of BREAKDOWN) + AA (car rescue service
A rift that's problematic for brother monks
FRATI Anagram of A RIFT
Real autumn (with no male interference) at work, plainly unadorned (two words)
AU NATUREL Anagram of REAL AUTUMN, less M (male)
Momentary facial expression, something ghostly
SHADE Two meanings
Bake eggs in a dish irregularly
SHIRR Hidden in diSH IRRegularly
An idiot's name written in wooden brick
NONG N (name) inside NOG (wooden brick
Something to sleep on in small vessel
COT Two meanings
Mouldings in structured rendition, not about to be restructured
TONDINI Anagram of RENDITION, less RE (about)
It's used to sew up parcels, using ped and hatrack impossibly