4016: Motion by Samuel

This was a nicely themed puzzle from Samuel. The letters which moved spelled AYES TO THE RIGHT, NOES TO THE LEFT. This explained how to enter the ten thematic answers, e.g.CANOPY was entered NOCAPY and VILAYETS as VILTSAYE. The title was explained as a motion in the Houses of Commons. 5dn was DIVISION LOBBY and 19ac, which resolved the issue was THE NOES HAVE IT.

Where letters have moved a corrected version is shown in parentheses with the moved letter in upper case.
1 Antes pay nothing out without a cover (6)
CANOPY (nAtes) CAN (buttocks) + Anagram PAY +O less A
7 Mourn decapitated bird (5)
10 Sailor's in the same place for a month (4)
ABIB AB (sailor) + IB (ibidem)
11 Provinces see institute beset small Yarm branch (8)
VILAYETS (armY) V (see) + I (institute) + LAY + ETS (Educational and Training Services, a branch of the Adjutant Generals Corps of the British Army.)
12 Fine gentleman a penny for having short hair (6)
DONNOT (fine gentleman = an idle person) D (penny) + ON + NOT
13 Longing for chaos, ran away - backwards! (4)
16 Crawled and decamped smuggling ether (9)
SLITHERED (therE) SLID containing THERE
19 See preamble THE NOES HAVE IT
21 Angles covered in no-win situation? (3)
INS Hidden
22 The rains troubled skell (8)
24 Townsman turned around "bust" drama for trade union (4)
SNOB (buTs) BUTS reversed, replacing TU with NO (drama)
27 Philosopher, 32, on wing ... (4)
AYER (No) ref. 32ac. E-LAYER no EL (wing)
28 ... one might use these to glide about city openings (8)
CURRENTS C (about) +UR (city) + RENTS
30 Call to back minuet up front (3)
MOT (minuTe) M (minute) + TO reversed
31 Softly beginning to oink after pig's heart is found in basin (5)
PIANO I (central letter of PIG) in PAN + O(ink)
32 Reel about clutching an unknown region high above the heart (6)
E-LAYER (eartH) A Y (unknown) in Anagram REEL
33 Princess starts to sense vile, nasty demands of wedding, so withdraws dowry (9)
DISENDOWS (Evil) DI (princess) Initial letters Sense Evil Nasty Demands So
37 Pincer movement primarily in Ireland, driving out English (4)
EMIR (pRince) M in EIR(E) less E
38 French town's imam buys sex with amateur for two dollars (6)
BAYEUX (maIm) Anagram BUYS SEX less SS (2 dollars) plus A
39 One consumed by Gore capsized boat in Mountie's home? (8)
MANITOBA (oGre) MAN + I + anagram BOAT
40 Soil has initially dropped from each plough (4)
EARD (asH) EA + ARD less A(sh)
41 Crowd sent back teas for Sprite (5)
GNOME (easT) E (east) + MONG reversed
42 Topless doctor with escort backing people getting the necessary (6)
PAYEES (S)PAY + SEE reversed
1 Grandmother's affectionate "amen" - her daughter's leaving tomorrow (4)
NANA (Name) MAÑANA less MA (grandmother’s daughter!)
2 Stop man ensnared by rising game (4)
OBOE BO in EO (reversed)
3 Swarm on all sides - run away, swallowing bee (6)
4 Bridge opens, bypassing the centre of Leeds (4)
PONS (peOns) PEONS less E (central letter of LEEDS)
5 See preamble DIVISION LOBBY
6 Heads of cunning elvers are shifting threat, like a net? (9)
CLATHRATE (lEvers) First letters Cunning Levers + Anagram THREAT
7 After climax of rave, the slogan spoken again and again is "acid" (7)
ETCHANT E (ref. Ecstasy the rave drug) + T + CHANT
8 Take away hollow pines (3)
RAY (Spine) R (take) + A(wa)Y
9 Wait on the return of rapt daughter (4)
TEND (Trap) NET (reversed) + D (daughter)
14 Assembly's spirited away vacuous Tory (4)
15 Muddles master with drinks (7)
MESS-UPS MES (master) + SUPS
17 First lady runs, possibly (4)
18 Desert plants rot on a French farm (7)
19 Orb has lost ring (4)
TING (rOb) STING (rob) less S (has)
20 Apt pages set down with no Latin (9)
EAVESDROP (Tap) LEAVES less L (Latin) + DROP
23 Sooth European move for Nijinsky, perhaps (4)
JETÉ (sHoot) JET (shoot) + E (ballet move)
25 Cheese barrel split, shedding volume (4)
BRIE B (barrel) + RI(v)E less V (volume)
26 Unyielding Greek giant returning clutching ear - it's missing! (7)
GRANITE (arE) GR (Greek) + ETIN (reversed) containing A (are)
28 Though propping up company, it's a shock arrangement (4)
COIF CO + IF (though) Here SHOCK refers to a shock of hair!
29 Later curse with kiss - they're puzzling (6)
CRUXES (aLter) Anagram CURSE and X (kiss)
33 Edification at first by unstable man? ____! (4)
DAMN (dEification) D + Anagram MAN
34 Fine on the fat of obese (4)
SUR (aFt) SUR (on) + (obes)E
35 Hard to get to place from the outskirts of Ely by railway (4)
EYRY E(l)Y + RY (railway)
36 Thin of complexion; advice - run off, give up (4)
CEDE (hinT) C(omplexion) + (R)EDE less R (run)
37 Symbol excavated from Stonehenge (3)
ENG Hidden